Watch What You Speak

Our mouths can sure get us into trouble, can’t they! This is especially true for someone whose heart is tainted by evil. Talk reveals so much about our interior life, and an evil person has a lot to hide! But that brings us to ourselves. What does our talk reveal about us? Does it help us escape trouble or does it reveal fastening evil in our souls.

We should watch what we speak because the tongue is powerful. There was this African Nollywood movie I watched back then, this lady was suffering, no job, no money, no friends. During this challenges in her life, she wasn’t able to take care of her sick mother. In that process she lost her mother to cancer. This made her really depressed and angry. She angrily look up to heaven and said by the time she turns 25 and she doesn’t have a change in her life, her life should be taken away from this earth. Unkowning to her the spirit of death was around parading all over the place for whom to destroy and devour. The spirit took her words and waited for 25 years later.

About a year, she got a good paying job, was leaving in a big apartment, with a good car for mobility. After 25 years, the spirit of death came knocking at her door. She had forgotten what she used her mouth to say when she was faced with multiple challenges.

What happened next ain’t a good news.

Let’s be careful and learn to speak good things to our lives and to those we care about. The best time to proclaim good things in your life is during trials and challenges.

Read Proverbs 12:13

Photo credit: Pinterest