Pastors Are Criticized, Celebrities Are Praised

Thank you lord for the gift of life and blessing my week. Morning my brothers and sisters in the Lord and the world, trust your night and day went well. 

Yesterday service was really great and inspiring which led me to write on this topic. It’s obvious around us everyday, except we don’t observe what’s going on around. Celebrities are praised and worshipped like gods. They tour the world, ride expensive cars, buy expensive clothes, house and so on. We look at their lifestyle and see no faults. 

On the other hand, pastor’s who are soldiers of the kingdom to win souls for Christ and spread the Gospel are criticized. Whenever a pastor travels with a private jet or drives a Rolls Royce Phantom, or dresses good and look so young with swag, people tend to criticize them. Why? 

What I fear is that the devil is using the life’s of entertainers and celebrities to have an impact in this world. You see people these days trying to copy a celebrity lifestyle, living a fake. 

Look at it in this scenario, if Beyonce comes to my country today, the number of people you will see screaming and praising her name will be enormous. Most people will even fight just to take pictures with her. Social media platforms will be blazing with buzz and feeds. But when a pastor comes to the country with a private jet and later picked up with a Rolls Royce, you will start reading negative feeds like “he’s a pastor and his living this kinda lifestyle, how did he get the money, am sure he’s using the tithes we pay to live this life”. When a pastor is seen living an expensive lifestyle they are criticized and judged. Funny but true!!! 
If you check Wikipedia for Joyce Meyer or pastor T. D Jakes, and so many great soldiers of God, you will see a section where people criticize the way they live large. You don’t know the seeds these great people have sowed. But when they read Beyonce just acquired another jet, people keep quiet and praise her more. 

There are rich pastors in these world. It’s not by there power or might, but God’s grace and blessings. So because am a pastor I shouldn’t look good or have a beautiful lifestyle? The mentality of some people makes me laugh sometimes. 

I wish and I pray God open the eyes of people to know the truth and follow the path of righteousness. If people can change their lifestyles to look and live like a celebrity, while not use that to change your lifestyle to that of Christ. And have the mentality that they are blessed and eating the fruit of their labour. Living a big lifestyle by pastors is not a problem, but when it gets to them and starts affecting the ministry, then it’s a problem. 

We all deserve to be praised one way or the other, but we are not worthy of praise one bit, only our Father in heaven deserve the highest praise.