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Why (and How) God Tests Our Faith

Now that God has refined you, He'll test your faith like gold. This is where a lot of believers become discouraged and give up. When faced with a situation that tests your faith in God, how do you respond? Many times, our initial prayer is for God to deliver us from the situation. We may… Continue reading Why (and How) God Tests Our Faith

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Being Renewed In Jesus Christ is Enough

This is a guest post from Joshua Reid. Jesus Christ is enough. Spending time with Him, through praise and worship, reading the Bible, prayer and listening leads to being renewed. A.W. Tozer once said, “It is simply not enough to know about God. We must know God in increasing levels of intimacy that lifts us… Continue reading Being Renewed In Jesus Christ is Enough

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The Greatest Success Possible

The Greatest Success Possible: Self-actualization. Self determination. Hard work. Achievement. Success. A pleased God. Reward. I was on a church retreat recently that spoke on Jeremiah 2. During a quiet moment with the Lord, surrounded in a world of self-actualization and self-determination, a sudden hard truth impressed me. Regardless of your primary purpose or calling… Continue reading The Greatest Success Possible

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Pain Fades, Love Remains, Joy Returns

Pain is a part of this life. Brokenness is all around us. Parents split. Families’ abuse. The cancer wins. Children die. The only thing I know to be true is this: God is faithful. He is a deliverer. A healer. A savior. A protector. A warrior. A lover. A completer. I’ve seen some pretty dark… Continue reading Pain Fades, Love Remains, Joy Returns