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Finding My Purpose: A Light Unto My Path

When a ship is taken out of the water, it is removed from it's purpose. Do you ever feel like you have been removed from your purpose? Many things in life make us feel at a loss. This post contains my recommendation for you to rediscover yourself. A stranded ship calls forward thoughts of loss,… Continue reading Finding My Purpose: A Light Unto My Path

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This Month Let’s Make Jesus Famous

It is another time of the year to evangelize and make Jesus famous. This month I will be writing more about the gospel, and hope it touches someone out there. You can join me in this outreach. Should we attempt to make Jesus famous? My response would be, "Can you imagine doing the opposite? Hiding… Continue reading This Month Let’s Make Jesus Famous

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Truth Saves: Jikky’s Testimony #JesusDidIt #faith #MakingJesusFamous

This God is just too good. A confirm game changer to those who have believe nothing can be done in their lives anymore.... This testimony really touched me, and I know it will touch someone here reading this great testimony. Please take your time and digest the miraculous work of our God. I don’t know… Continue reading Truth Saves: Jikky’s Testimony #JesusDidIt #faith #MakingJesusFamous

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Making Jesus Famous: Seven Reasons to Not Fear Sharing Your Faith #evangelism

The word “ evangelism ” sends a shiver down the spine of many Christians. This month is still a month of spreading the word, winning new souls, and making Jesus famous. Have shared some of the experiences have had that Jesus turned my situation to Joy. Let's talk to our neighbours, colleagues at work or… Continue reading Making Jesus Famous: Seven Reasons to Not Fear Sharing Your Faith #evangelism

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Making Jesus Famous #HTH #Evangelism

Making Jesus famous!!! What a wonderful theme for the month of March. Reaching out to people about Jesus. Portraying His character by actions in our homes, communities, work and so on. Making Jesus Famous one life at a time,” has been the driving force behind every church ministry and evangelistic event. “We want to know… Continue reading Making Jesus Famous #HTH #Evangelism