Time To Live

Movement, sweet motivation to keep on living. What was the point on just staying on the same place? For the young man, life was always related with movement. When he was younger, spending a long time sick in bed, made him realize the importance of live life to the fullest. What was the use in crying? Isn´t better traveling instead of just drowning in a sea filled with tears? No, it wasn´t an easy task letting go all of that sadness and bitterness caused by past wounds, but he was determined to build foundations for a better life.

And against all odds, he was able to find what he wanted. There would be no more days of just watching life pass him by. The young gentleman wanted to get a more active role on his own life, and he managed to get it. So, he just speeded his wings and flew away, as he always dreamt. Maybe some were expecting for the moment to watching him fall, but he wanted to put up some fight first. Movement, perfect spirals of movement. Now he was an important part of that rhythm of life, and nothing could hold him back anymore. It was his time to live.

The story describes my life growing up. Had to push hard to live my life and never look back to the depressing past of my life.

I hope this story will help someone today.

Image credit: Pinterest