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How Was Your Weekend???

It is said: weekends don't last!! But I enjoyed mine to the fullest. Saturday was all round resting for me after a long night vigil. Was indoor throughout watching football matches, slept for a long while, switched to movies. I couldn't even think of anything to post.. Just relax and sleeeeep!!! When I walk majestically… Continue reading How Was Your Weekend???

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Selena Gomez Boldly States ‘I’m a Child of God’: Repost 

My heart limps for joy when I get this kinda news about celebrities turning back to God. I am just overwhelmed and happy for Selena Gomez, for tracing back her connection with the most high God. According to Christian headline, Pop singer and actress Selena Gomez recently opened up about her Christian faith and boldly proclaimed… Continue reading Selena Gomez Boldly States ‘I’m a Child of God’: Repost