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Rebuilding Our Relationship with God

Originally posted by Joshua Reid. We all go through seasons in our lives when we have to focus on rebuilding our relationship with God. If this is you, here's what the Bible tells us to do. C.S. Lewis once said that “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are… Continue reading Rebuilding Our Relationship with God

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Please Stop Judging People. Here’s Why!

To be honest, I struggle with this. As a motivational blogger and an easy going person, I find myself feeling or acting like I'm more valuable than others. But I'm not. Every human life is worth exactly the same. And any action or behavior or statement that leads anyone to believe otherwise, is wrong. Culture encourages… Continue reading Please Stop Judging People. Here’s Why!

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What Young People Need To Know About Humility

It is a conceit of the young to believe that because something has occurred to them, it is a novel idea, one unknown to previous, plodding generations. This tendency cuts across the board and includes young Christians. And then they read the classical philosophers… the Church Fathers… the Protestant Reformers… the Enlightenment thinkers… Alexis de… Continue reading What Young People Need To Know About Humility

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5 Things To Do When You’re Tempted To Worry

PLACE YOUR TRUST IN GOD: Believe that God will take care of your situation, in His perfect way and timing. HUMBLE YOURSELF: Honestly come before God and let Him know you can't do it on your own. Recognize that you need His help to have success in any area of your life CAST YOUR CARES ON HIM: God… Continue reading 5 Things To Do When You’re Tempted To Worry