Happy New Month

We in the second half of the year and am so grateful and thankful to God for healing, safety, family, friends, favour and His blessings. It is not by my power or might, but by the spirit am alive. Recently, a lot of people died in Nigeria from terrorism and accident. Yesterday I recieved a…

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I almost forgot, thought today was 31st 😂😂😂 My birthday month, my month of pleasant surprises. May the Lord bless all of you, the work of your hands will yield value In Jesus name. Breakthrough will visit your home this special month Amen.

This month will be your month of pleasant surprises, filled with unlimited favours and blessings. The enlargement of your surprises will be so big that you will have to scream my Fathers this is too much In Jesus Name. Enjoy Grace!

I don’t know how to thank my father for all He has done for me, right from January down to December. I don’t deserve anything from Him but still he loves me and His grace abides in me everyday. Who am I that deserve this Lord?  Who am I that deserve to see a new…

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