Never Stop Chasing Your Dreams

Never give up because you’re lucky to have something you feel this passionately about pursuing. Some people search their whole lives for meaning, for a purpose, for an outlet that brings them happiness. You’ve already found that thing, which means you’re one step closer to your dreams than most people because you actually know what… Continue reading Never Stop Chasing Your Dreams

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5 Tips for Conquering Negativity When Starting Your Own Business

Guest post from Katelyn MarieImagine this. It has been raining for so long, but you want to take a walk and meet your friend who lives a house down. The only problem is that you live on a dirt road. There are no sidewalks or paved walking paths to be found. So, you decide to… Continue reading 5 Tips for Conquering Negativity When Starting Your Own Business

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Perform At Your Best

The moment that you begin walking, talking, and behaving in ways that are consistent with your highest ideals, your self- image improves, your self- esteem increases, and you feel happier about yourself and your world. For example, whenever you are coplomented or praised by another person or given a prize or an award for accomplishment,… Continue reading Perform At Your Best

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Trust Your Intuition

Self-trust is the foundation of greatness. Self-trust comes from listening to your intuition, to your "still, small voice" within. Men and Women begin to become great when they begin to listen to their inner voices and absolutely trust that they are being guided by a God each step of the way. Living in alingment with… Continue reading Trust Your Intuition

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Know What You Really Want

Stephen Covey once said, "Be sure that, as you scramble up the ladder of success, it is leaning against the right building."  Many people work hard to achieve goals that they think they want only to find, at the end of the day, that they get no joy or satisfaction from their accomplishments. They ask,… Continue reading Know What You Really Want