Is Education Essential For Success?

Good morning guys, Am sure this is not the first time you have come across this topic. In an analysis of the members of the Forbes 400, the 400 richest men and women in the world today, researchers found that a person who dropped out of high school and who made it into the Forbes… Continue reading Is Education Essential For Success?

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Pictures: Meadow Hall Foundation “Back To School Drive”

Meadow Hall Foundation through its School Adoption Programme (SAP) provides infrastructural.and educational support to schools, pupils, teachers, and the host communities. It was a successful outreach with Meadow Hall group last Friday. Over 400 pupils who are have been assisted to get settled in this academical session. It wouldn't have come through of not for… Continue reading Pictures: Meadow Hall Foundation “Back To School Drive”


Seminar: School Psychology Masterclass

This is a sponsored post. In our world today, the academic expectations placed on our children has increased significantly compared to times of old. Such expectations most of the time lead to frustrations especially when environmental and sometimes biological and psychological factors don't work in favour of the child. Research has shown that many children… Continue reading Seminar: School Psychology Masterclass