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5 Tips for Conquering Negativity When Starting Your Own Business

Guest post from Katelyn MarieImagine this. It has been raining for so long, but you want to take a walk and meet your friend who lives a house down. The only problem is that you live on a dirt road. There are no sidewalks or paved walking paths to be found. So, you decide to… Continue reading 5 Tips for Conquering Negativity When Starting Your Own Business

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Why Your Dreams Require Band-Aids

This is a true life inspirational experience and story. Fulfilling a dream is a lot like surfing. We fall a lot. But when we honor God with our dreams, He remains with us through the highs and lows. You have a dream, right? So do I. We probably have more than one, maybe even dozens.… Continue reading Why Your Dreams Require Band-Aids

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Mom killed my tomorrow

Dear educationists & parents, kindly permit me to share this thought-provoking confession of a student. It has one or two lessons in career guidance and parental influence. 👇🏽 They call it spiritual, They call it ethical. They call it universal, They call it motherly. They call it usual, They call it mutual. Shut your eyes,… Continue reading Mom killed my tomorrow