Singing Is Not Worship

Hi guys! Permit me to digress today into worship. I was reading an article online that triggered this post today. Hope you digest it positively.

If you ask a majority of people in this world, especially in the church community you may get the same answer when you ask them what worship is. Our culture has directly linked worship to “worship songs” and singing, those few songs (or hymns) that are sung each Sunday before a preacher gives his message. Thats our given time of worship for the week.

But worship is so much more than that!
Worship can be anything. Worship can be something that doesn’t have to do with church at all. Worship is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as a verb that means to love, honor or respect very much or too much.

Simply put, its a heart thing. You can sing all you want to, and sing any song or hymn that you want, but if it is not directed towards God or done so with your heart in a place of love honor and respect then it is just singing. Have you ever noticed the difference in someone who really is worshipping through song and someone who is simply singing words put on a screen? Their heart is in it and it doesn’t matter what others think around them because they are doing it out of love, honor and respect for their God.

But back to my original point…singing alone is not they only way to worship. Can you worship by singing? Yes of course you can, but worship is anything you do directed towards our God with a heart of love, honor and respect.

1 Corinthians 10:31
“ So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

What else can be worship? Tithing? Dancing? Praying? Speaking? Serving in your church? Playing a sport? Working at your job? Eating/Drinking?

The answer is a resounding YES to all of these. These can and should all be forms of worship that we can take part in on a daily basis. We don’t have to wait to get into a church building to worship our one true God and King, Jesus Christ!

So I asked a couple of people what their preferred form of worship was, and my favorite answer is the one I will leave you with today…
“Life is my favorite way to worship!”

Live your life as a means of worship to our God. With Love Honor and Respect to HIM every chance you get!


Reasons Why Young Adults Leave The Church

Around the world.

“Why do young adults leave the Church?” This question has been the subject of countless sermons, books, and (ahem) online articles. The concern of Churches and Christian parents is certainly justified. Life can be hard on teenagers, but the Church is a place where they can learn about God’s grace and draw strength from Christian fellowship. So why are so many of them choosing to leave?

Is it because of drugs? The Culture Wars? Same-sex marriage? Actually, according to Ed Stetzer on Christianity Today, their motivation is surprisingly plain. In a recent article, Stetzer lists six reasons why young adults leave the Church, beginning with the following three,

“We also asked young adults why they dropped out of church. Of those who dropped out, about 97 percent stated it was because of life changes or situations. That’s a pretty substantial number. Among their more specific reasons:

They simply wanted a break from church (27 percent).
They had moved to college (25 percent).
Their work made it impossible or difficult to attend (23 percent).”

Stetzer continues by saying,

“The reason that many church-attending young adults stopped going to church upon graduating from high school? Their faith just wasn’t personally meaningful to them. They did not have a first-hand faith. The church had not become a valued and valuable expression in their life—one that impacts how they live and how they relate and how they grow. Church was perhaps something their parents wanted them to do. They may have grown up in church, and perhaps they faced pressure from parents and even peers to be involved in church. But it wasn’t a first-hand faith.”

It’s surprising, but more often than not it’s the mundane things in life that can end up destroying our faith. Like the steady, subtle current of an ocean, small things can gently pull a person away from God. It’s not only teenagers who have to be vigilant either, any Christian can become a victim to small distractions. Chris Russell noted in a recent Crosswalk article that Christians can drift spiritually because of a busy schedule, misplaced affections, even abundance. He writes,

“We Americans are so fat with our own prosperity that we often make wealth our god and not the true King of heaven. This has also been a recurring theme throughout the entire Bible. People struggle, God blesses them, they become prosperous, and then they depart from God. Ironic, isn’t it?”

Having a strong faith is not just about attending Church or reading your Bible, it’s about making that faith your own. Faith is like a tree, it must be cultivated and grown by the individual, and no one else can do it. If Churches truly want to reach young adults, we must first teach them their importance of maintaining a personal faith.

What about you, what are your thoughts?