New Life- New Songs

By the foolishness of my own hands
I’ve burned many my share of bridges,
I’ve scaled treacherous mountain peaks
Then fallen down hard from their ridges.

I’ve soared on wings of eagles
And trod where angels don’t dare,
I’ve experienced joy inexpressible
And sunk deep in the pit of despair.

I’ve ran with man’s greatest enemy
And thought him an ally and friend,
Feasted long at the table of arrogant pride
Drunk down sin like there was no end.

I’ve fought deadly battles in heart and mind
That I never thought I could win,
To tell of my previous wreak of a life
I would hardly know where to begin.

But many, many years ago
Someone saw me for who I could be,
A child of the good and gracious God
Saved by love and His righteous decree.

That to all who will bow their heart and knee
To the Christ heaven’s Holy High King,
He will make them His sons and His daughters,
And give new life and new songs to sing.


What I Need

I don’t need a PhD
In religion or theology
To drink of the sweet mystery
Of the God who died and rose for me.

I don’t need high society’s pedigree
Or a two thousand year old family tree
Nor an earthly king’s edict or man’s decree
To know who I am and was meant to be.

What I need is to know that the penalty
For my sin is no longer in front of me.
Paid in full it was dealt with at Calvary
And I now have a heavenly destiny.

For Christ has defeated the enemy
By His death He has won complete victory
That nothing and no one can take from me
Praise the Lord, Christ is mine for eternity!

1 Corinthians 1:23-31

Just One Lie

This write up was from a whatsapp group am involve in, I can’t keep it to myself but share to everyone.

I have always wondered why the Jews did not and still don’t believe Christ resurrected after three days, until I was led to a scripture in the Bible, which shows it was JUST ONE LIE that nullified what Christ did. What was the lie?

The chief priests told the guards to lie that the disciples came to steal the body at night, while they were sleeping. They were given money to tell this lie and they told this lie. This lie is what has robbed many Jews the gift of Salvation.

Reminds me of Carol’s story…

Carol was on the bed with her husband on that fateful Saturday morning, when her phone rang, it was her twin sister calling. Simultaneously, the door bell rang, David Her husband went for the door, while she recieved her call.

” Carol, please do me a favor, my husband will call you soon, tell him we were out all day yesterday.. Together…Tell him, we went shopping, and got back late around 11:45pm” Christy rushed her words

” But that is a lie, and I don’t tell lies. ” Carol answered

” Please, Carol, just this one lie, save my life, and I promise after this I.will stop my promiscuity…”She pleaded as she dropped the call…

Meanwhile, downstairs, David was been interrogated by some police officers, who found his ID card at a crime scene yesternite.

David told them he had nothing to do with the crime as he was at home, last night from around 6pm with his wife. He told them to let him call his wife, as she was a witness. He shouted Carol’s name and told her to come downstairs.

Carol was on her way down, when Christy’s husband called…

” Hello Emma.., Good morning, happy weekend… Fine… What? Your wife?.. Yes we were together yesterday till late at night… I even got home around 11:45pm ..ok.. No problem “

At this point, David rose up in shock and fear, as the officials were looking at him like they have nailed him…

” Carollll…. What sort of lie did you just tell, we were both at home.. ” The officers cut in

” Mr David, don’t put words in her mouth, you have been telling us lies, we have your wife’s voice on record, definitely you were at the crime scene and you killed Miss Kike after you raped her” He brought out the handcuffs

” What? ” Carol shouted

Before Carol could fully grasp what happened and explained what truly happened, her husband was behind bars.. Carol asked Christy to speak up, which she did, but the case was against them, because of just ONE LIE, that had been recorded.

David was sentenced to Life imprisonment and he spent 30 years before the real culprit was found, it was his cousin who had stolen his wallet. The victim had struggled with the rapist, it was then the wallet fell. The cousin picked it up, but the ID card had fallen.

JUST ONE LIE tampered with a man’s destiny, be careful of every word that proceeds out of your mouth..

The one lie, the soldiers at the tomb of Jesus said thousands of years back, is still what is making the Jews resist CHRIST as the Messiah..

” They told the soldiers, “You must say, ‘Jesus’ disciples came during the night while we were sleeping, and they stole his body. So the soldiers took the money and did as they were instructed. And this story has been widely circulated among the Jews to this very day.”
Matt 28:13&15

BE careful of that ONE LIE. it goes beyond you.It can affect Generations.

How Can I Come Back to God After Backsliding?

Life as a Christian can be quite an adventure. It is like the amazing journey that Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee went on in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

You may progress from hiking along a treacherous mountain trail, to braving a fierce storm, to battling the enemy, to sailing on a placid lake or strolling through a pleasant field.

There are ups, downs, and unexpected turns. Though you may go back along a trail you have been traveling, the one thing you don’t want in your Christian walk is to go backwards spiritually.

Backsliding refers to going backwards spiritually and morally. When a believer backslides, he falls back in some way into a less desirable condition. His lapse may be a relatively minor one and unintentional. He may simply fall back through neglect by not praying, reading the Bible, and keeping his focus on living for God.

On the other hand, a believer may backslide by deliberately choosing to indulge in this life’s sinful pleasures. This type of backsliding can carry disastrous consequences. It can bring dishonor to the One who laid down His life for us, Jesus Christ. It can also sadden and bring grief to the lives of loved ones. Of course, backsliding can bring turmoil into the believer’s own life. He may be plagued by guilt or even a feeling of despair or condemnation.

But there is good news for the backslider! God does not condemn him. God’s loving concern for the backslider is steadfast and sure. The Lord calls that person back to Himself through the work of the Holy Spirit. We can see this clearly in the parable of the prodigal son. In the parable, the father saw his son returning while he was still far off. But the father did not lock the doors or demand that his son leave. Instead, the father welcomed his return.

But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and felt compassion for him, and ran and embraced him and kissed him. ( Luke 15:20 )

Then the son confessed to his father:
Father, I have sinned against heaven and in your sight; I am no longer worthy to be called your son. (v. 21)

The father’s relief and joy at seeing his son was so great that he did not even reprove him or rebuke him. Instead, the father instructed his slaves:

Quickly bring out the best robe and put it on him, and put a ring on his hand and sandals on his feet; and bring the fattened calf, kill it, and let us eat and celebrate; for this son of mine was dead and has come to life again; he was lost and has been found. (vv. 22-24)

The father showed that the son’s return was not a time for condemnation, but for celebration.

And they began to celebrate. (v. 24)
If you are backslidden.

Like the parable of the prodigal son, know that the Heavenly Father truly cares about you and wants you to return. He does not post an angelic guard to keep out your prayers and your heart’s cry. When the Lord hears you calling out to Him, He will respond positively to you.
Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. ( James 4:8)

Do not let anything hold you back from God and His forgiveness and grace. Don’t let the pleasures of sin deceive you. In time, sin will bring you pain. Also, do not let doubt or guilt hold you back, for He promises you:

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. ( 1 John 1:9 )

The Lord’s mercies are new every morning, but do not assume that you are promised tomorrow. Pray to the Lord now.

After you have called upon the Lord and asked for His forgiveness, believe His promise to forgive you. He will surely cleanse you of your sins and restore you to fellowship with Him. Let His Spirit touch your heart and bring healing to your soul.

If you hurt people while you were backslidden, then ask them for forgiveness. Do what you can to repair any damage you may have caused in other people’s lives. Seek healing and reconciliation of broken or injured relationships.

Learn from the mistakes you made that led to backsliding, and determine to not repeat those mistakes. Ask the Lord for wisdom in how to live faithfully as an overcomer.

If someone you know is backslidden.
It can be disappointing or even heartbreaking when someone close to you backslides. But be encouraged and do not give up on him or her.

First, intercede for the one you are concerned about. Bind the work of the enemy in that person’s life. Be faithful to pray for him every day.

Ask the Lord if you are to say something to the person, and if so, what you should say and how you should say it. Always keep a loving and humble attitude toward the backslidden person. You don’t want to push him farther away.

Brethren, even if anyone is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness; each one looking to yourself, so that you too will not be tempted. ( Galatians 6:1 )
There may be a time for tough love, but make sure that you are being led by the Lord and that you are not reacting out of your hurt, frustration, or anger.

How to keep yourself from backsliding.
Pay close attention to matters of the heart. The Christian life is about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Avoid focusing primarily on a list of dos and don’ts. Stay close to the Lord throughout each day. Keep your heart and mind upon the kingdom of God.

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. ( Prov. 4:23 , NIV)
Beware of the enemy’s schemes. Flee from situations that tempt you. Rebuke Satan when he attacks you. Have a trusted prayer partner that you can share your personal struggles with.

Now flee from youthful lusts and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart. ( 2 Timothy 2:22 )

Finally, let the Holy Spirit lead you, fill you, encourage you, and empower you as you go through the day.

If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit. ( Galatians 5:25 )


My Past Addictions

Its very hard to stop an addict. It might be pornography, masturbation, stealing, lying, drugs, and so on. 

I remember when i used to lie and steal when growing up. If anything misses in the house, am the first they call, they accuse me even when i didn’t do it. The oldest theft in the book is stealing meat from the pot. 😂😀😁😂 Oh! My God, when i remember those periods i laugh about it. From there i graduated to stealing my mums money to buy movies, clothes and many stuffs. It got bad that one day i didn’t know i was stealing her tithe money, my own was that the money was available at that spot and am enjoying it. Till one day she wanted to pay her tithe and realize it wasn’t complete. The first person she called was me, she asked i refused, lying i have nothing to do with it. Until i was beating, yes the hardest way, i told the truth that i was the one. (Whooping of bum bum is like food in my country, every child must pass that stage 😂😂).

Another thing i did was eating free meal without paying back in school. Whenever i don’t have money, i will go to thr cafteria and order for food, after ordering i will move to the payment section as if i want to pay because there a lot of student buying food. I will use that to cover my tracks, have my sit, and eat my food at peace. Still can believe i was that person. Me and my best friend still laugh about it. But the funniest thing is that it sounds very funny, but to my father upstairs its a sin. When i started realizing my sins, i really felt bad. But thank God He forgave me.

Till now i don’t know how i stopped. God is just wonderful. At this time i realize that you can’t stop alone, but only by the grace of God and divine intervention,  with self control. 

If you still experiencing an addict and you really tired of it. You want to give up but you see yourself doing it again. Guys have been there and by His grace am still in a process. If He can help stop the addiction of stealing, surely He will see you through. Also try to resist and gradually you will see the result. It is not a day thing nor weeks, nor months, but years. There are many testimonies out there that you can use to trace your path to righteousness. 

This just came to my thought on my past addiction and decided to share with you guys. Have a blessed day!!!


I love to hear people turning back to the lord, and conquering trials, addictions, temptations, and so many agents against our future with Christ. This is a true life story and will love to share it with you guys as today is testimony day. Hallelujah!!!


I’m a wife of an inmate serving 30-to-life behind walls of broken dreams, and I’m also a Christian. I’ve been with my husband twenty-three years. Our lives have been a roller coaster ride dealing with Corrections and with families that were disappointed in us; also with many obstacles. But I can testify to the fact that it can be done.

I’ve written a book called “Redemption and Deliverance, From Sex, Pain and Deception.” In my book I relate how difficult it is to live this kind of life, but through the Grace of God we’re making it. When I first met my husband 23 years ago he wasn’t what I thought he was. He was a con artist, womanizer and liar. But because he was so good at deceiving people I couldn’t help but to fall in love with his lies. He knew how to say things that would make a woman melt. In my book I referred to him as a man with a “golden tongue.” It wasn’t too long before I realized what kind of man he truly was. I found out that he had many women and was telling them everything he was telling me. Actually he was addicted to sex.

It was through my emotional heartaches I began turning back to the Lord. You see, in the early years I fell away from God. He never left me, but I left Him. I began to read God’s Word again. He began showing me His promises over and over. Many times I wanted to leave my husband but I felt in my heart that a miracle was coming. I just kept growing closer to the Lord and started praying very earnestly for my husband. I had to stay no matter what kinds of heartaches I had to endure. I kept saying over and over to the Lord, “I don’t know how you can penetrate those stone walls and iron bars and my husband’s stony heart, but I know you can do it.” I just kept trusting and enduring whatever came my way, and believe me, it was extremely difficult, but I held on. Many people told me I was weak and crazy, but I think I was very strong to endure the things that I did. I didn’t tell my family what was going on because I was embarrassed and didn’t want to hear “I told you so.” But I could depend on them to pray no matter what, especially my mom.

It wasn’t until 15 years after we met that I began to witness a change in him. He became more patient; his temper didn’t fly like it did before. I just kept praying and trusting. I knew God was doing something in my husband. Finally one day he told me that he wasn’t going to have any other women in his life. It was difficult for me to believe him but down deep in my heart the Lord was telling me that I could believe it.

Then he told me that he had accepted the Lord into his heart. My heart was rejoicing and thanking God for I knew that only God could have brought about this special miracle. Since then our lives have been so different, we enjoy each other, pray together and read God’s Word together. Wow! What a change God made in our lives. Now my husband has less than a year before his first parole board. All I can do now is hope and pray that they will allow him to come home.

I wrote my book in hopes that it would encourage and help others and let people know that the Lord loves them and is there for them no matter what. It is a very powerful and true story. 

You see, I can testify first hand that the Lord can bring us though anything. He had allowed me to go down so low that all I could do was to look up and there was my Heavenly Father with open arms. Yes! We are living proof of Redemption and Deliverance …

Hallelujah to the king of kings. Feel free to share the goodness of God in your life by sending your testimony to us at Also using this opportunity to appreciate Jesus did it!!!