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Testimony: No More Miscarriages

My husband and I got married about 10 years ago. During the first 6 years of our marriage, I had 6 miscarriages. The only thing I ever wanted to do was to be a wife and mother. This was so devastating to me. The doctors could not find out why I kept miscarrying. The longest… Continue reading Testimony: No More Miscarriages

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Overcoming Anxiety With Thanksgiving 

Feeling thankful during a flash of anxiety sounds counter- initiative, but it's exactly what allows us to embrace the truth (God is in control) grow in faith (I'm giving this to You, Lord. Please help me) and remain joyful in miserable moments. Philippians 4:6 states that be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer… Continue reading Overcoming Anxiety With Thanksgiving 

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Testimony: Praise To The Glory Of God’s Grace

​This is the story of my salvation, of how God called me out of darkness into His glorious light, that I might proclaim His praises. Many miraculous things have happened to me since becoming a Christian, but this story focuses on the events surrounding my salvation. As a little girl my mother would tuck my… Continue reading Testimony: Praise To The Glory Of God’s Grace

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A Year of Tragedies: 2017 In Review

A lot of tragedies has happened since te beginning of the year. We lost some great and dear people to our hearts, while some we experienced a great loss of our homes, jobs, divorce, and many more. Most of the credits goes to "Christian Headlines". Here are some highlight tragedies that happened this year..  For… Continue reading A Year of Tragedies: 2017 In Review

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We Are The Body Of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:27)

How are you blessing others.  What part of the body are you? What's your function, your purpose?  How are you blessing others in the Body of Christ?  Who is someone in the body who does a great deal of service to others who needs your encouragement and praise? Who is someone who feels neglected and… Continue reading We Are The Body Of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:27)

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Don’t Be Envious, Be Contended With What You Have (Psalm 37:1-2)

Frustration and envy, isn't that your reaction to those who are evil and yet seem to prosper? We've reminded to not let the apparent and short-lived successes of evil people derail our faith or dampen our spirits.  Their victorious are temporary, their wealth is like a flower that will wilt, and their life is like… Continue reading Don’t Be Envious, Be Contended With What You Have (Psalm 37:1-2)