How to Have Hope in God’s Plan for Our Pain

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​It has been a hard season. For me, and for many of you too, I’m sure. Circumstances in my personal life, in my community, and in my country seem to keep getting more and more challenging, and I find myself struggling to keep my head up and my heart strong through it all.
It feels hard to have hope sometimes, doesn’t it?

When I think about holding on to hope despite discouragement and disappointment, I’m reminded of a verse in Proverbs.

Proverbs 13:12 says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”

I know that heartsick feeling all too well, yet the promise of the second half of that verse seems harder to remember when I’m in the thick of hard circumstances.

“At first glance, this line doesn’t seem like it could be a comfort to those of us with sick hearts,” writes Rachelle Windham in her Relevant article “God Has a Purpose in Your Disappointment .” The picture of the “tree of life” is more beautiful than we might realize though.

“That same symbol is used in the Garden of Eden as the promise of provision, in Jeremiah 17 to illustrate a man whose trust is in the Lord, and in Revelation 22, which describes another tree of life that bears fruit in the new earth,” Windham writes.

This verse sums up so much of the struggle of having hope– it requires wholehearted trust in the Lord’s goodness, faithfulness, provision, and his promises. It can be so hard to have faith in the unseen and to stick it out for the long haul, holding on to the belief of good and glorious things to come in the future.

“Our hope will ultimately find their restful bliss in Christ and His redemptive plan,” Windham writes. “He alone has the power to forever wipe away tears. He alone has the ability to satisfy the deepest longings of our souls. Only Jesus can heal our sick hearts. The beautiful part is that the deferment only adds to the bliss of fulfillment. It’s worth the wait.”

But how do we wait well? How do we hold on to hope faithfully? How do we trust God completely, especially when we are discouraged?

Here are a few simple ideas for when life gets hard and you’re struggling to believe in God’s promises:

  • Journal your gratitude. Using a simple journal like this one will help turn your focus from your frustrations to gratefulness instead. Spend a few moments each day writing out a few things you are thankful for– even if they feel small and insignificant. Over time, your attitude will begin to shift and you’ll start to notice a difference in your outlook on life.
  • Spend time in prayer. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider doing a 30-day prayer challenge — the prompts and Scripture passages for each day will help you focus on different ways to draw near to the Lord as you communicate with him.
  • Share with a trusted friend. Sharing your struggles, doubts, fears, and worries with a loved one will help you to feel less alone in it all, and will bring comfort and encouragement. Often, others are going through similar things, and we’d never know unless we take the first step to share our own stories! Call up a friend today or get a coffee date on the calendar, and open up about what you’re going through. Chances are, you’ll both leave feeling more empowered to face the struggles of life knowing you have someone else in your corner.
  • Meditate on Scripture. The voices in our heads can get loud and overwhelming, but the more time we spend reading the Word of God , the more his truth will seep into our minds and hearts. Start with one verse to memorize (there is a whole collection of Bible verses on hope and spend time each day reading over it and reminding yourself of what the Bible says to be true.

“No ache will be wasted,” Windham says. “It all has a purpose. If you feel like you’ve been hit with one disappointment after another, know this: God is going to cash all that in one day.”

As we wait, through hard seasons and challenging circumstances, we can plant seeds of hope knowing that the Lord will bring them to life in abundance in his perfect timing. No matter what we are going through, no matter how we are feeling, the Lord has a purpose and a plan for it all. We can confidently have hope in him.

Source: Christian Headlines 

Make A Chain: For The Land Is Full Of Crimes And The City Of Violence

God hates it when the innocent are afflicted with violence and bloodshed. He hates evil and political corruption. He hates courts that are false and leaders who are abusive of their power. We need to be rest assured that He will provide deliverance for his faithful followers and administer justice to those who have abused or harmed other people. If not in this life, for sure in the next. 

Prayer : Father, thank you for assuring me that your justice will ultimately be done with those who are violent, corrupt, wicked, and abusive. Give us patience to wait in hope until the day of ultimate justice is done. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!!! 

For All My Trust Is In You

In nearly every disciples life, there comes a time of lowliness and doubt. It seems as if our prayer requests just bounce off the ceiling and fall in broken pieces at our feet. God seems distant, hiding, asleep, or unsympathetic to our cries for mercy and help. Thankfully God gives us the psalms. In psalms we can find words for almost all of life’s ups and downs. It is nice when we are down to know that others have been there before us and have recovered their faith and vitality. 

But, there are just some moments in life when we need to have God’s reminders of His love and guidance. This psalm, and these words are made for such a time. 

Read more in Psalm 143:8

Be Still And Wait Patiently For Him (Psalm 37:6-7)

First things first, thank you Lord for the gift of life. Good morning my lovely brothers and sisters. 

Chill out we hear heaven say to us. Come into God’s presence with dependent, yet confident, patience. But how can we?  We know God will do what is right for us over the passage of time. The Bible is God’s story (His-story),it is the great testimony that He is always faithful to His promises, gracious in His power to redeem, and generous with His love shared with His children. So come into His presence and be willing to be still and patient and trusting and hopeful. 

Fear Of The Next Phase In Life

It’s been a while I wrote here, still overwhelmed and happy about last weekend I guess. 
I have a strange feeling in myself after I popped the question. I thought I was going to be filled with fear, negative thoughts on how am going to get things done before the wedding. Payment for the hall, getting a bigger apartment, buying a car and so on, but I felt nothing. 

First thing I do is that I surrender everything in the hands of God, allowing Him in total control of every resources needed for the success of the next phase. 

Went to visit my best friend yesterday who also is preparing to get married early next year. A very strong brother in the Lord. He was filled with fear and worry if the next phase, but I told him is the devil trying to stop you from moving forward. Think positively and hand over the whole wedding into God’s hands and He will see you through. 

I think most men go through this stage when preparing to move to the next stage in life. But I realised that the same God that did it before, He will surely do it again. 

His Presence 

Sometimes I wonder in my thoughts deep down how a man will come to this world to die for my sins. I wonder and spruce at the picture of Jesus when I realize God actually came to earth. I cry most times when I get a bit jealous of people who have seen, feel, and experience the greatness of Jesus. That wonderful feeling to be in the presence of the most high in our midst. 

I shake my head from those thoughts and realise that Jesus has always been with me throughout my life. It may not be physical, but in my heart and in the spirit I feel His presence. 

I don’t know what you facing now, but you have that doubt in your life that Jesus doesn’t exist because of the difficulties you are facing, or probably feel He has left and forsaken you? My brother,  My sister, I don’t know why am writing this,  but am here to tell you that Jesus is Alive!!! He knows what you going through,  believe in Him and feel the mighty presence in your life. Don’t be too busy to pray, that is the means we have to communicate with the Father. Don’t be too busy to study the word of God. And please always be thankful!!! 

I celebrate you guys.. 

What Is Your Glory? 

What is your glory? Do you glory in your accomplishments, your wealth, your status, your looks, your piety, or your humility? 

In the old hymn “beneath the cross of Jesus”, that’s what Christians mean when we glory in God’s name. Our full understanding of God’s holy name has been greatly expanded by Jesus. He taught us to not only reverence the name of God, but also to call him Father. Any other cause of joy, any other basis for boasting, is a passing illusion. 

For those whose hearts seek the lord, glory is found in reverencing the holy name of the father who gave up his precious son so we could be his children. He loves us that much. 


Those Who Hope In You Will Never Be Disgraced ( Psalm 69:6)

What a beautiful prayer for any Christian!  In a world that is so self- absorbed, isn’t it refreshing to be reminded of the powerful impact for good and bad that we can have. 
Let’s not only be reminded of the devastating impact of our hyprocrisy and rebellion, let’s also pray that our failures will not be destructive to the kingdom’s increase nor to our brothers and sisters in Christ as they seek to serve and honour the Lord. 

Be Joyful In Hope, Patient In Affliction, Faithful In Prayer

How can we keep our circumstances from determining the word?  How can we emancipate ourselves from the limitations that life deals us?  The last in the two commandments opens the door for the other two to be true- we can rejoice in good and we can be patient in affliction because we have been faithful in prayer. No matter what our situation is, we can pray with joy because of our hope in Christ no matter what our current situation is. We can remain patient, persevering through affliction, by presenting our requests and intercessions to God with Thanksgiving. 

Prayer is God’s gift to us so that we can be patient and joyful, even when things don’t appear to be going well.