Testimony: Calling On Jesus Will Change You 

It was the summer of 1968, and I was 14 years old looking ahead to my freshman year in high school, well almost looking ahead. I remember being a little anxious about it and wanting very much to fit in. One big plus was that my sister was going to be a senior that same year and she had a lot of friends who were also going to be upper classmen.

It was that summer when some of my friends offered me the first opportunity to smoke pot. I can almost remember exactly what was said.

“Hey, man, c’mon Dave it’s really cool, everybody’s smokin’ dope now.” I will never forget taking a big drag off of that long American flag joint. I knew how because I had already been smoking cigarettes for a while. Well, as the months went by, I can remember smoking hash, then some black tar opium, and every weekend I would scrape up enough money for a nickel bag or whatever was available. Sometime around my sophomore year, I had gotten a part time job at a small neighborhood drugstore, and that’s how I was able to afford my dope, not to mention what I began to steal from the job. I can remember going to the library, which by the way, was conveniently located just across the street. I would start checking out the books on pharmaceuticals. Well, I never really would physically check them out because I didn’t of course want anyone to wonder why I had an interest in these books.

I began to recognize the different kinds of drugs on the shelf just by site. So, I just took a few here and there, not even considering what some of the real side effects would or could be. Let’s see, there were the uppers, speed—Dexedrine, benzedrine, Desoxin, methamphetamine sulfate, and then there were the downers, barbs—Tuinal, Seconal, Desbutal, Phenobarbital, Belladonna and so on. I can remember being so down at one party, and out-of-it, as we would say, that I literally sat on the floor with my eyes closed and I found myself viewing the whole scene from above while I was in some sort of semi-conscience state. I’m telling you that I was out of my own body looking down from above, and all the time overhearing the conversations in the room.

As I continued to experiment with other types of street drugs like mescaline, peyote, and LSD, there were times when it could get a little scary, as if there was evil lurking in the shadows, and of course there were the paranoid emotions you had to deal with from time-to-time. It seemed as if each new high started to become a new low, and just about the time you would receive a real scare on one of your highs, and you’d begin to think that just maybe you shouldn’t get high anymore, someone would come by and say, “Oh! c’mon, Dave let’s go get a buzz ” and you would go and forget about everything. All this time we would drink too and that sometimes really got out of control.

A few years went by, and I was still controlling, I thought, my drug habits. Then I overdosed on what was called “angel dust,” what a deceptive name. You see, I really lost it on this trip and was hearing things and dealing with what I thought was the absence of my friends when all along they were right there walking with me through this concert. A fear came over me like a blanket of cold emptiness. I can remember calling out the name of the Lord. It was that name of the Lord who I had heard about as a young boy brought up in the Catholic religion. God delivered me that day in a miraculous way, but I will tell you about that some other time. All I can say for right now is that suddenly I became sober-minded and felt safe.

It seemed for the next few months I heard of and met more people who knew Jesus, as if He was a real person, than at any other time during my whole life up to that point. There was one man who owned a bike shop where I had just purchased my very first ten-speed bicycle. I was about nineteen then and wanted to buy a bike to ride on nice days when I got high. This man spoke to me about the Lord Jesus Christ, and gave me a Christian tract, which was called “The Four Spiritual Laws”. I can only remember a few things about what it had to say but I can definitely remember what I felt like after reading it. It was like a real sorrow and conviction inside my heart that showed me that I was trapped in a deception.

I can remember thinking how someday I wished I could just keep my mind straight and my head right and not have to get high just to feel secure and belonging to something. This tract talked about a new beginning for whomever asked Jesus to become the Lord in their life and allowed Him to sit on the throne of their life. I can remember thinking that I didn’t know how God could forgive me because I could never remember just how much sin I had been involved in, therefore, I couldn’t be expected to confess all my sins to have them forgiven. This thought troubled me from my youth as a Catholic having to confess all my sins to a priest, and it had been years since that happened. I guess it was about six to eight months when things really began to heat up. First, because of an acquaintance of mine, I began to have a real interest in reading the Bible. I sensed real comfort in doing this and that’s why I kept it up. My friends were calling me “Holy Joe” and a few other things, but something else was really wrong. I called out to God one day and asked him to change things…you know, like my whole life. I was so tired of the rut I found myself in. I was holding down two jobs and partying as hardy as ever, but it just wasn’t like it used to be.

I had gone in and out of a couple of relationships and because I was just too high most of the time I screwed those up and kept finding myself alone. Until, one weekend I was introduced to Carol, the lady who became my wife. One really big thing we had in common was the fact that we were both playing the game of life but not enjoying it much. Again, I know the Lord began to work in our lives because of the time I prayed and asked Him for a change.

Some months later, we found ourselves and about seven or eight of our friends at a church service one Sunday. It was held in the auditorium of an elementary school. There was so much love in that place you could feel it. There we were, shoulder-length hair, bellbottom jeans, sandals, the whole thing. People came up to us and welcomed us like they knew who we were. One last and the most memorable thing that was said was the invitation from Bob for us to come forward to ask Jesus into our hearts. He led us in a prayer denouncing our past life and asking Jesus to wash away our sins. The next emotion I felt was one of having liquid peace poured over my head; it dripped down all over me and covered me like a thick blanket. There we stood, Carol and me—“Born Again.” PRAISE THE LORD! You see the moral of this story is that Jesus is alive and is very real to those who believe and call upon His name. Our life has never been the same since that day, and we know that over the last 20 years God has remained faithful to the cry of our hearts—to be changed.

Psalms 34:8 Amplified–“O taste and see that the Lord [our God] is good! Blessed—happy, fortunate [to be envied] — is the man who trusts and takes refuge in Him.”

Jesus did it!!! 

When You Feel The Suffering Is Too Much

God is with you in the midst of your suffering. He has not abandoned you, because “God has said, never will I leave you, never will I forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5). 

Sure we all remember uncle Job in the Bible? It seemed that virtually everything that could go wrong did go wrong for him. He lost his children, his possessions, and his health. Yet he knew that God could be trusted even in the midst of his circumstances. 

Satan is just a loser!!!  But that dude will never accept defeat. Job was put to the test, he saw that he didn’t refuse or backed away from God, his next move was to kill him by using his wife. Job’s wife gave up after losing her kids, the riches they had gone, she was frustrated and was led by Satan to tell her husband to kill himself. You know this story is related to what’s happening in this generation. The little frustration, worry, anxiety, and suffering experienced leads to suicide. That’s the devil’s way of persuading the soul or using others when all is not working out for the good. 

I will never forget the help from my dad during the time I was frustrated and worried. He continuously sat me down and talk to me, highligthing cases like Job, Sarah, Elizabeth and others in the Bible. 

When we feel the suffering is too much, I get we humans, we are weak, and there is no how we won’t complain. But the truth is that God knows all. And we should be thankful when we face trials, for what comes next is a full package of blessings above. 

Have a blessed day!!! 

Many Parts, But One Body

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Uncle Paul reminds us that God assigns our roles in the body of Christ. Several principles interact with God’s choice. 

  • Be faithful in what God has given you to do- until we are faithful with the little things, He will not entrust us with big ones (Luke 16:10-13).
  • If we don’t use what He has given us, it will be taken away (Mathew 25:14-30).
  • We reap what we sow- sinful or irresponsible behaviour can create consequences that limit the effectiveness of our service (Galatians 6:7-8).
  • Let’s be faithful with what God has given us, let’s serve Him when given new opportunities, and let’s honour Him with our choices so that Satan cannot use our failure to interfere with our service. 

My Lord, please help me see my opportunities to serve in your kingdom. Please grow my effectiveness in your service so that I can bring you glory and be a blessing to the Body of Christ. Amen!!! 

My Cry For Mercy

Some days are just plain tough!  Those we care about are hurting. Our plans are falling through. Our prayers seem to bounce off the ceiling and fall at our feet. We cry out to God- sometimes in anger, sometimes in desperation, but especially for mercy. We need hope!  We need the father to respond.   

Am so guilty of this. I remember when I fall back of grace, I feel my prayers ain’t gonna be answered. But a friend came through and put me back on track not to think they way. God already know our actions before it’s implemented. The devil will try, only if you fall for his tricks thinking otherwise. But if you believe God is merciful and full of grace, you are on the right track. For me, am living only by His grace and mercy, nothing else. 

Prayer : faithful and righteous father, please come to my aide and bring me relief from my struggles with sin, with disease, with discouragement, with friends who are untrue, and with enemies who work for my humiliation and destruction. I need your help. I need your mercy.  Dear Lord, I need to know your presence and power in my life today. Amen!!! 

Have a blessed weekend.. 

Happy New Month

I don’t know how to thank my father for all He has done for me, right from January down to December. I don’t deserve anything from Him but still he loves me and His grace abides in me everyday. Who am I that deserve this Lord?  Who am I that deserve to see a new day like this. I am nobody but a vessel who have a big God by His side keeping me and my family everyday. 

I use this to wish you guys a happy new month, complement of the season. Expect the unexpected this month in Jesus name. Whatever you’ve asked God to do for you this year, before it ends it will manifest in your lives in Jesus. 

Have a blessed day and have fun!!!!! 

Quit Trying And Start Trusting God 

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In order to receive what we need from God, we must be humble enough to quit trying and start trusting. We must be willing to stop doing and start asking. 

The first time I noticed this writing, it changed the perspective I see life. Now I see life to be easy because I do not need to force myself for things to happen in my life. In my precious article, I stated back then in my life when I focus more on trying my best to do something or be something in life but it didn’t happen. Finding my peace and way with God has taught me a lot of things and opened my eyes to start trusting him and not trying to do it myself. I know someone can testify to this, like me I don’t like to sit around doing nothing, I like to engage in one or two things to earn something in life. But most times we try and try but no result. The truth is that we have to focus more on God and humbly come into His presence to ask for directions, knowledge, and wisdom, trusting that all we asked are already answered. 

If I should share my experience with anyone in the flesh, what I get will be am lazy. There are so much opportunities out there and you just sitting doing nothing. What I tell that kinda person is that “I don’t need to fret, I don’t need to try and don’t get results under stress, all I do is to go before my God and ask for what I need and I will receive”.  That’s the difference between work and grace. 

A lot of quotes states the day you quit trying, you are a loser. That is believing the work of the flesh. There are various testimonies where people don’t even stress a bit to get something big from God. Men with big faith receive big grace, and that supersedes anybody. You know who you are, do your best with no stress and commit and trust the rest to God. 

Make it today in your life to quit trying and start trusting God for that breakthrough you need in your life. 

Have a blessed day!!! 

Fact About Grace: Series

If you are frustrated about timing, lean tpepray with the psalmist, my times are in your hands. (Psalm 31:15)

I remember back then when I get so frustrated if I wanted to get something at a particular time and it didn’t come. Like applying for multiple jobs with no reply, or trying to figure out what kind of business or side work you want to do but no vision?  I never knew I am just worrying for nothing, until my dad advised me that God’s time is the best. I began to understand that we don’t need to kill ourselves to get something. If it’s not God’s time it won’t come to pass. 

Same thing as a friend of mine who was desperate to get a guy because she was due for marriage. Frustration from her parents especially her mum and family members kept raining down on her each day. She was at the brick of running away, but I told her what my dad said to me. My dear God’s time is the best. You don’t need to listen to any third party but God. Lean on Him and you will see His grace shining on you.  She’s preparing for her wedding now as am writing, this God is just too much… 

I advise you to lean on God’s grace and wait for His own time for His will to be done in your life. That time is everlasting and perfected. No man can interfere. 

Don’t Forget God’s Mercy And Goodness In Your Daily Lives

Let me start with the Israelites in Psalms 106. This verse talks about how the Israelites angered God by forgetting His mercy and goodness in their lives. If not for Moses intervention, God would have destroyed them because they forgot so soon who brought them out of bondage in Egypt. 

I remember back when I never thought of going through this journey of righteousness. I just observe things that just come to me without any stress. Well I didn’t know it’s God’s mercy and grace working. Another time will come when I work and stress for something and I don’t get it, I become very frustrated and angry at myself, friends and surroundings. Thank God for the mercy of God, we learn everyday. 

I realized I wasn’t appreciative of God’s goodness in my life, I complained a lot. Now whenever I try to hit the hot pot again,  I remember His goodness in my life,  what He has done for me that was impossible. I praise and give thanks to Him for His goodness endureth forever. 

My beloved, please let’s not anger God whenever we angry and forget His goodness in our life. We are human beings and most times these feelings are inevitable but with the Holy Spirit guiding us, we should always be thankful and enjoy the goodness of God in our lives. 

Have a blessed day guys!!! 

Grace Through Redemption 

No matter how hard we try, how good we are, and how much we work, we can never measure up to the only standard that matters – the glory of God. Thankfully, God doesn’t require us to pretend to be what we are not – perfect, spotless, and holy. Instead, God makes us to be these in (colossians 1:21-23) by grace, through the gift of His son who purchased our pardon and have us His righteousness (2 Corinthians 5:21). 

Praise God, praise our saviour, Christ Jesus. Now let’s live with Jesus as our lord, not to earn or secure our salvation, but to thank Him for what He has so freely given us. 

God’s Grace Brought Me This Far In Life

There is a saying “heaven help those who help themselves”. Well depending on the kind of help but if it isn’t from God it won’t last. 

Three years ago, I was on the internet searching and applying for a better job compared to what I had. At the same time I was asking my friends if they had any slot from there place of work to also let me know. All this while I was still in the world, I was depending on human favour instead of God’s favour. 

A week later, a friend of mine buzzed me and told me to meet someone, I did as required and I got the job. But after a year I lost that job. 

Where am I driving at, all those times I depended on human favour forgetting that the Lord is the ruler of all things. I depended so much on my efforts and what I can get from my people. Bringing me back to the first paragraph, heaven help those who help themselves. My brethren I don’t follow that quote because if you’ve tried all you could to achieve something and you didn’t get it, you have helped yourself without acknowledging the fact that there is one person you have to offer everything to, my father in heaven. Have tried many times in the past to get things done myself but it didn’t last. 

It is only the grace of God that elevates each and everyone of us. Using my situation as an example, I left everything to God without even doing anything to get the job. Just a phone call and God did it. God knows our heart desires, if you put the little you can by praying and acknowledging the fact that He alone can change situations, my brethren your miracle will be a testimony to nations. 

All fall into the Grace of God (the unmerited favour of God). 

If the grace of God is with you, nothing will ever be difficult for you, you will receive things you never worked for, you will receive things you never hoped for, things you never ever thought will happen. 

Only by the grace of God am alive, am not sick, I have a job that I don’t need to stress myself with, I have a great woman to become my wife, I have a family, and few great friends. All this because of grace and mercy. 

Pray for supernatural favour and breakthrough, pray for grace to never depart from you. 

Have a blessed day guys!!!