Overcoming Anxiety With Faith

Trusting God with your life is not as easy as it sounds. Once upon a time, i had no idea it even meant. I thought it was enugh to go to church sometimes and pray, even if i wasn’t sure my prayers were being heard.

But putting total faith in God requires us to let go of what we think we know and let Him handle it.

Once we desire a spirit of truth, we trust that He will steer us in the right direction according to His will. In faith we know that God’s will is the best way for us, even when we do not understand it.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight” Proverbs 3:5-6

I can look back at some negative situations in my life and see good in them- God was refining me. At the time they felt excruciating, but now i see the error of my ways. When we don’t have God at the center, the world competes for that spot,  and that’s when we become deceived. More light of this can be read in (1 Peter 5:7)

My brethren,  when troubles come your way,  consider it joy for you know that when faith is tested,  your endurance has a chance to grow.  So let it grow,  for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete,  needing nothing. 

If You Trust God, You’ll Never Be Afraid: Repost

By: Rania Naim

If you trust God, you’ll never fear the unknown because you know that his light will guide you through the darkest nights. You know that his wisdom will help you when you’re lost. You know that his way may not be the easiest way but it’s the best way. It’s the only way that will protect you from what could hinder you and the only way that will protect you from what could harm you.

If you trust God, you’ll understand that you didn’t really ‘lose’ anything or anyone. God took things and people away from you for a reason. He knows when certain things have served their purpose. The messengers he sent you have taught you the lessons you needed to learn. Your mistakes made you a stronger person. The pain you went through brought you closer to him. You never really lose because God only takes away what could destroy you. He takes away what could break your heart even more.

If you trust God, you’ll never lose hope. Even when your whole world is falling apart. Even if you feel like you can never get anything right. Even if it feels like everyone is abandoning you. God is always with you. God is making room for something bigger in your life when he closes so many doors at the same time. He’s telling you that you need to change your path and your life and he will bring you this change. I learned that a lot of things in life will make you feel that God is not fair but if you look back on all the times you thought God was being ‘unfair’ you will realize that he was actually preparing you for something wonderful. Every time he made life harder, he was preparing you for something that will make your life significantly easier.

If you trust God, you’ll never question him. You’ll always have faith in him even when you don’t understand him. You’ll have faith in his timing even if it’s been years and the clock is ticking and you just can’t wait anymore. You’ll always know deep in your heart that you’re not ready for what you’re asking for.

You’ll understand that the universe is not working against you but is working for you because you know that the universe doesn’t just give you what you’re asking for right away. It gives you what you need at a time when you can appreciate it and love it. At a time when you won’t take it for granted. At a time when you’ve healed from your past and your pain and you’re praying for all the right reasons.

If you trust God, you’ll be happy. Happiness won’t be such an elusive concept. It won’t be something you have to chase. It won’t be something you have to work that hard for. You’ll simply be content and happy with his plans. You’ll be happy that you don’t have to worry about everything because you believe in his mercy and his power.

You’ll be happy once you stop getting so attached to life and start getting more attached to God because with God by your side, there’s really nothing to fear. There’s nothing to worry about. You’ll never be alone. You’ll never be sad.

Fact About Grace: Series

If you are frustrated about timing, lean tpepray with the psalmist, my times are in your hands. (Psalm 31:15)

I remember back then when I get so frustrated if I wanted to get something at a particular time and it didn’t come. Like applying for multiple jobs with no reply, or trying to figure out what kind of business or side work you want to do but no vision?  I never knew I am just worrying for nothing, until my dad advised me that God’s time is the best. I began to understand that we don’t need to kill ourselves to get something. If it’s not God’s time it won’t come to pass. 

Same thing as a friend of mine who was desperate to get a guy because she was due for marriage. Frustration from her parents especially her mum and family members kept raining down on her each day. She was at the brick of running away, but I told her what my dad said to me. My dear God’s time is the best. You don’t need to listen to any third party but God. Lean on Him and you will see His grace shining on you.  She’s preparing for her wedding now as am writing, this God is just too much… 

I advise you to lean on God’s grace and wait for His own time for His will to be done in your life. That time is everlasting and perfected. No man can interfere. 

Trust In Him At All Times

Whenever you think your life is no where to be found, confused, and distributed on how life is treating you so badly. It is hard to share the secrets of your hearts with anyone. We want to keep our secrets, failings, embarrassments, and sins hidden. We fear that others would reject us and we would shame ourselves if anyone knee the secret sludge in our hearts. 

But hidden sin is only hidden from us. It is not hidden from our father. Hidden sin festers in our hearts and drives a wedge between us and the God who would forgive us and empower us to triumph over it. If only we would pour out our hearts to Him knowing that He longs to be our refuge. 

For All My Trust Is In You

In nearly every disciples life, there comes a time of lowliness and doubt. It seems as if our prayer requests just bounce off the ceiling and fall in broken pieces at our feet. God seems distant, hiding, asleep, or unsympathetic to our cries for mercy and help. Thankfully God gives us the psalms. In psalms we can find words for almost all of life’s ups and downs. It is nice when we are down to know that others have been there before us and have recovered their faith and vitality. 

But, there are just some moments in life when we need to have God’s reminders of His love and guidance. This psalm, and these words are made for such a time. 

Read more in Psalm 143:8

Fear Of The Next Phase In Life

It’s been a while I wrote here, still overwhelmed and happy about last weekend I guess. 
I have a strange feeling in myself after I popped the question. I thought I was going to be filled with fear, negative thoughts on how am going to get things done before the wedding. Payment for the hall, getting a bigger apartment, buying a car and so on, but I felt nothing. 

First thing I do is that I surrender everything in the hands of God, allowing Him in total control of every resources needed for the success of the next phase. 

Went to visit my best friend yesterday who also is preparing to get married early next year. A very strong brother in the Lord. He was filled with fear and worry if the next phase, but I told him is the devil trying to stop you from moving forward. Think positively and hand over the whole wedding into God’s hands and He will see you through. 

I think most men go through this stage when preparing to move to the next stage in life. But I realised that the same God that did it before, He will surely do it again. 

Note To Self Everyday

One thing I want to overcome in my life is the spirit of fear and worry. I try to distract myself most of the time when I start getting worried and scared. But still I see myself back to it. 
I stomed on this when I was surfing the net and made it my daily note to self every morning; 

Today, with God’s help, no matter what I face, I will let faith and trust be my first response.. Instead of worry or fear. 

I don’t mind getting some spiritual advise and guidance from you guys. It will also contribute to my life. Thank you! 

His Presence 

Sometimes I wonder in my thoughts deep down how a man will come to this world to die for my sins. I wonder and spruce at the picture of Jesus when I realize God actually came to earth. I cry most times when I get a bit jealous of people who have seen, feel, and experience the greatness of Jesus. That wonderful feeling to be in the presence of the most high in our midst. 

I shake my head from those thoughts and realise that Jesus has always been with me throughout my life. It may not be physical, but in my heart and in the spirit I feel His presence. 

I don’t know what you facing now, but you have that doubt in your life that Jesus doesn’t exist because of the difficulties you are facing, or probably feel He has left and forsaken you? My brother,  My sister, I don’t know why am writing this,  but am here to tell you that Jesus is Alive!!! He knows what you going through,  believe in Him and feel the mighty presence in your life. Don’t be too busy to pray, that is the means we have to communicate with the Father. Don’t be too busy to study the word of God. And please always be thankful!!! 

I celebrate you guys.. 

Be Joyful In Hope, Patient In Affliction, Faithful In Prayer

How can we keep our circumstances from determining the word?  How can we emancipate ourselves from the limitations that life deals us?  The last in the two commandments opens the door for the other two to be true- we can rejoice in good and we can be patient in affliction because we have been faithful in prayer. No matter what our situation is, we can pray with joy because of our hope in Christ no matter what our current situation is. We can remain patient, persevering through affliction, by presenting our requests and intercessions to God with Thanksgiving. 

Prayer is God’s gift to us so that we can be patient and joyful, even when things don’t appear to be going well.