A Year of Tragedies: 2017 In Review

A lot of tragedies has happened since te beginning of the year. We lost some great and dear people to our hearts, while some we experienced a great loss of our homes, jobs, divorce, and many more. Most of the credits goes to “Christian Headlines”. Here are some highlight tragedies that happened this year.. 

For Americans, the past twelve months have been marked by tragedy. It’s been a year of shootings, natural disasters, and scarred relationships.

In October, fifty-eight people died in a mass shooting in Las Vegas. As the Wall Street Journal reports, this massacre “ranks as the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history.” Just a few weeks later, another gunman slaughtered twenty-six more defenseless victims in a rural Texas church. It became the “fifth deadliest such attack.” But these are only two of the many violent killings that happened this year. Zusha Elionson with WSJ writes, “[T]he number of people killed or injured in mass incidents in 2017 is higher than in the three previous years.”

Natural disasters have also battered the nation from all sides. As the article reports, more than 200 people died in hurricanes and tropical storms that overwhelmed the Gulf Coast and Caribbean. On the western side of the country, wildfires ravaged California in October and December. These fires wiped out “more than 8,400 houses and other structures,” killed forty-two people, and burned thousands of acres.

Meanwhile, rifts between races have continued to grow under the pressure of rallies and extremist groups. The distrust between genders has also increased with the widespread revelations of sexual misconduct. Allegations reached to some of the most respected positions in modern society, forcing many Americans to think twice about where they put their trust.

We cannot finish the tragedies in Nigeria without Boko Haram. On the 25th of July, Boko Haram laid ambush on an Oil exploration team and killed over 50 people in the North East (Borno) area of Nigeria, it was classified as one of the deadliest attacks of Boko Haram in months. On the 31st of August they raided a camp in Banki area of Maiduguri, Borno State killing at least 11 people

Bomb blast killings in Maiduguri Northern part of Nigeria by Islamic terrorist group “Book Haram”. It’s just sad as the people of this area are threatened everyday. No sleep, No peace. Girls are kidnapped, rapped and brain washed. I really appreciate the efforts of the Nigerian Army in suppressing this terror. God will always win over devils and demons. 

Biafra is like the most sensitive topic in Nigeria. This year group of army individuals called Operation Python dance invaded the home of Biafrain’s Activist and leader Nnamdi Kanu killing 5 people and injuring over 30 individuals. Although federal government proscribed IPOB a terrorist group. US refuses to acknowledge IPOB as a terrorist group.

On August 14th, over 14 people were killed and 100injured in a terrorist attack in Spain, when a van rammed into a crowd of Barcelonans.

UK has seen its own share of tragedies; most recent tragedy September 15th is the improvised bomb blast at London underground station at parson’s green station central London injuring over 25 people.

June 19: Van hits Pedestrians outside Mosque killing one and injuring 11 people.

To the fire which engulfed Grenfell tower in the early hours of 14th of June in North Kensington West London killing over 50 people,

June 3RD: London bridge and Borough Market attack

May 22nd: Ariana Grand Concert Bomb Blast in Manchester.

March 22ND: Westminster Bridge Vehicle Attack & Stabbing killing 5 people and injuring over 50 people. 

In all of these tragedies, that very question of trust is just what we should be evaluating as a nation. If nothing else, this year has proven that there isn’t much in the world worth trusting in—not the weather, not politicians, not even our fellow “average” people. All these things, along with most other things that we treat as trustworthy, have failed us in 2017. And none of those failures are unprecedented. In a sense, we’ve seen it all before in the pages of history books. So, none of these things even deserved our trust in the first place.

As we move forward from this year of sorrows, let’s turn our thoughts to the One that we can trust in. This life is truly one of tragedy, but we serve a God of restoration. He—who alone holds the power of taming the weather and transforming the human heart—will one day banish tragedy forever and wipe every tear from our eyes. Put your hope in him.

For you to be alive today is a big joy and blessing. The victims of these tragedies are far better than we leaving now. We cry to God why this person or that person. We don’t even deserve anything from God, we need to just glorify and thank Him. Am forever grateful and thankful to God for Life!!! 

When You Feel The Suffering Is Too Much

God is with you in the midst of your suffering. He has not abandoned you, because “God has said, never will I leave you, never will I forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5). 

Sure we all remember uncle Job in the Bible? It seemed that virtually everything that could go wrong did go wrong for him. He lost his children, his possessions, and his health. Yet he knew that God could be trusted even in the midst of his circumstances. 

Satan is just a loser!!!  But that dude will never accept defeat. Job was put to the test, he saw that he didn’t refuse or backed away from God, his next move was to kill him by using his wife. Job’s wife gave up after losing her kids, the riches they had gone, she was frustrated and was led by Satan to tell her husband to kill himself. You know this story is related to what’s happening in this generation. The little frustration, worry, anxiety, and suffering experienced leads to suicide. That’s the devil’s way of persuading the soul or using others when all is not working out for the good. 

I will never forget the help from my dad during the time I was frustrated and worried. He continuously sat me down and talk to me, highligthing cases like Job, Sarah, Elizabeth and others in the Bible. 

When we feel the suffering is too much, I get we humans, we are weak, and there is no how we won’t complain. But the truth is that God knows all. And we should be thankful when we face trials, for what comes next is a full package of blessings above. 

Have a blessed day!!! 

Many Parts, But One Body

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Uncle Paul reminds us that God assigns our roles in the body of Christ. Several principles interact with God’s choice. 

  • Be faithful in what God has given you to do- until we are faithful with the little things, He will not entrust us with big ones (Luke 16:10-13).
  • If we don’t use what He has given us, it will be taken away (Mathew 25:14-30).
  • We reap what we sow- sinful or irresponsible behaviour can create consequences that limit the effectiveness of our service (Galatians 6:7-8).
  • Let’s be faithful with what God has given us, let’s serve Him when given new opportunities, and let’s honour Him with our choices so that Satan cannot use our failure to interfere with our service. 

My Lord, please help me see my opportunities to serve in your kingdom. Please grow my effectiveness in your service so that I can bring you glory and be a blessing to the Body of Christ. Amen!!! 

Not Everything Has A True Appearance 

It’s a norm saying we hear around “All that glitters ain’t gold. ” I must say this so very true. 

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According to Wikipedia, 

This can apply to people, places, or things that promise to be more than they really are. 

We live in a world where people fake their personality just to blend with society or friends. There are many examples and experiences have seen and heard that have made me 😭 and also made me 😂 hard.  How will I put this now.. 😕😕😕 “social media” is the best place to see a lot of pretenders. 

The outward appearance can indeed be deceiving. Someone might look nice in pictures, some may drive expensive cars on social media, display houses, designers and all. Most of them got nothing but borrowed. Showing the luxury life tend to attract the opposite sex for guys, while the ladies seem to seek attention for the big lifestyle. But if their obligations were paid off, they would be penniless. 

Another maybe incredibly blessed by God in temporal wealth, but in meaness of spirit would rather live below what he has given them, and be thought as poor. What am portraying here is what the Bible says in Proverbs 13:7-8 NIV version;  

One person pretends to be rich, yet has nothing;  another pretends to be poor, yet has great wealth. 

A person’s riches may ransom their life, but the poor cannot respond to threatening rebukes. 

Pretending to have it all, which you don’t it’s just a punishment. Wanna share an example, most ladies tend to get more attractive to guys who are extremely wealthy and who can buy whatever they ask from them. There was this lady back then, all she wanted was to get a rich guy and settle down with him. Not knowing the guy was a thief / 419. She was attracted by what she saw and what comes to her pocket and closet, not asking him where the source of his money is from. It dawned on her when he was arrested for murder and theft of millions. True story!!!  Every property he had was siezed and also the car he bought for the lady was taken too. She was lucky she wasn’t arrested with the guy. 

To make my point equal and not focusing on the ladies, guys also fall into the net of evil ladies. Another true story, a friend of mine loves light skinned girls, tall, and endowned both at the front and back. We were at the cinema one day and he saw exactly what he really likes. I must confess she was a 💯 but my advise still stood towards him to be careful. All the ladies he has dated were all light skinned but didn’t end up good. He approached her, they spoke for sometime, exchanged numbers and went their seoerate ways. After that day, they kept in touch every time, hanged out, gradually getting emotionally attached. After three months, things started falling apart in my friend’s life. He lost his job, he sold his Benz car, he couldn’t afford to stay in his duplex apartment, everything was upside down for him. This lady started given him attitude and threatened she was gonna leave him. My friend called me asking he wants to lend 200,000 bucks from me. I asked him what was going on, he told me how he lost everything just at a blink of an eye. I felt bad and gave him the money. Till now I didn’t know how the money came to be, but I gave him to start something. After two weeks he came to me again requesting for money. I told him what happened to the one I gave him two weeks ago. He said he gave the money to his girlfriend, that she’s threatening him to leave him and he doesn’t want thayrto happen. I was cold and angry. Scolded him why he will do such. If this lady loves you, she won’t put you in this kinda situation. Let her go if she wants to go. I told him I don’t have any more money to give him. 

I had to report his case to my pastor. He told me to invite my friend for a revival service, which I did. To cut the long story short, after revival it was revealed that the lady was a witch. She came to suck the wealth out of my friend’s life and to leave him dry. I didn’t believe it, we were both in shock. Then the pastor followed him to his one bedroom apartment he rented, the lady had already taken a he had from the house and left it empty. Am sure this story is cracking someone now.. 😂😂 it sounds like a movie but in this case a reality movie. 

Thank God for my friend is gaining his ground back. He got a new job!!! 

Just like this picture ;

Because it’s attractive doesn’t mean it’s safe. At least save yourself, not all that glitters is gold, your reflex may not be as fast as the jaws of that crocks mouth you gold mining.

Be watchful at all times… Does who have ears, let them hear!!!! 

Pastors Are Criticized, Celebrities Are Praised

Thank you lord for the gift of life and blessing my week. Morning my brothers and sisters in the Lord and the world, trust your night and day went well. 

Yesterday service was really great and inspiring which led me to write on this topic. It’s obvious around us everyday, except we don’t observe what’s going on around. Celebrities are praised and worshipped like gods. They tour the world, ride expensive cars, buy expensive clothes, house and so on. We look at their lifestyle and see no faults. 

On the other hand, pastor’s who are soldiers of the kingdom to win souls for Christ and spread the Gospel are criticized. Whenever a pastor travels with a private jet or drives a Rolls Royce Phantom, or dresses good and look so young with swag, people tend to criticize them. Why? 

What I fear is that the devil is using the life’s of entertainers and celebrities to have an impact in this world. You see people these days trying to copy a celebrity lifestyle, living a fake. 

Look at it in this scenario, if Beyonce comes to my country today, the number of people you will see screaming and praising her name will be enormous. Most people will even fight just to take pictures with her. Social media platforms will be blazing with buzz and feeds. But when a pastor comes to the country with a private jet and later picked up with a Rolls Royce, you will start reading negative feeds like “he’s a pastor and his living this kinda lifestyle, how did he get the money, am sure he’s using the tithes we pay to live this life”. When a pastor is seen living an expensive lifestyle they are criticized and judged. Funny but true!!! 
If you check Wikipedia for Joyce Meyer or pastor T. D Jakes, and so many great soldiers of God, you will see a section where people criticize the way they live large. You don’t know the seeds these great people have sowed. But when they read Beyonce just acquired another jet, people keep quiet and praise her more. 

There are rich pastors in these world. It’s not by there power or might, but God’s grace and blessings. So because am a pastor I shouldn’t look good or have a beautiful lifestyle? The mentality of some people makes me laugh sometimes. 

I wish and I pray God open the eyes of people to know the truth and follow the path of righteousness. If people can change their lifestyles to look and live like a celebrity, while not use that to change your lifestyle to that of Christ. And have the mentality that they are blessed and eating the fruit of their labour. Living a big lifestyle by pastors is not a problem, but when it gets to them and starts affecting the ministry, then it’s a problem. 

We all deserve to be praised one way or the other, but we are not worthy of praise one bit, only our Father in heaven deserve the highest praise. 

You Can’t Serve Both God And Money

The biggest problem in marriages today can be summed up in one word: “money”. 

I was reading a book by Billy Graham and cane across this. Money is a place where you should put God to occupy, and money must never take His rightful place. 

Before you get married your spouse, you know the in and out of their finances and living. If you decide to go ahead to the alter, I see no reason why money should be a factor to break up or cheating. The Bible warns us against putting money in first place in our lives. Money has become most of us master, but Jesus declared, “No one can serve two masters. Either you hate one or love one. You cannot serve both God and money (Mathew 6:24).

Your Character In The Path Of Christ

When you want to know if you progressing in the path of the Lord, a lot of things will change about you. Your character, the way you approach people, you give lots of advise and every moment you pray and give thanks for whatever you have by His Grace. 
I noticed that in me these days. Whenever I chat with my friends, I pray for them, advise them and bless them. Even some look at me and say pastor you have started again. I laugh because they don’t understand yet how it goes when you in the path and in progress to know Christ more. 

If am asked to choose between me of now and before…  💯 goes for now. Am enjoying His presence everyday in my life. 

Do have a blessed day guys!!! 

God’s Grace Brought Me This Far In Life

There is a saying “heaven help those who help themselves”. Well depending on the kind of help but if it isn’t from God it won’t last. 

Three years ago, I was on the internet searching and applying for a better job compared to what I had. At the same time I was asking my friends if they had any slot from there place of work to also let me know. All this while I was still in the world, I was depending on human favour instead of God’s favour. 

A week later, a friend of mine buzzed me and told me to meet someone, I did as required and I got the job. But after a year I lost that job. 

Where am I driving at, all those times I depended on human favour forgetting that the Lord is the ruler of all things. I depended so much on my efforts and what I can get from my people. Bringing me back to the first paragraph, heaven help those who help themselves. My brethren I don’t follow that quote because if you’ve tried all you could to achieve something and you didn’t get it, you have helped yourself without acknowledging the fact that there is one person you have to offer everything to, my father in heaven. Have tried many times in the past to get things done myself but it didn’t last. 

It is only the grace of God that elevates each and everyone of us. Using my situation as an example, I left everything to God without even doing anything to get the job. Just a phone call and God did it. God knows our heart desires, if you put the little you can by praying and acknowledging the fact that He alone can change situations, my brethren your miracle will be a testimony to nations. 

All fall into the Grace of God (the unmerited favour of God). 

If the grace of God is with you, nothing will ever be difficult for you, you will receive things you never worked for, you will receive things you never hoped for, things you never ever thought will happen. 

Only by the grace of God am alive, am not sick, I have a job that I don’t need to stress myself with, I have a great woman to become my wife, I have a family, and few great friends. All this because of grace and mercy. 

Pray for supernatural favour and breakthrough, pray for grace to never depart from you. 

Have a blessed day guys!!! 

Father, Do Not Exasperate Your Children

Malachi 4:6 promised that father’s and children would be reunited in heart. Let’s make that true in our home by nurturing and correcting our children with a balance between nuture and correction. Let’s not make our faith so full of rules and restrictions that it becomes impossible for our children to hear that they are our beloved children, with whom we are very pleased!  Let’s not grant so much freedom that our children feel neglected and uncertain. 

Let’s turn our hearts toward them and pray for God to turn their hearts toward their home with us and their home with you! 

Take In More Words To Fight Bad Behaviour In Your Life

I just notice something whenever I listen or watch “Everyday Life With Joyce”. Her ministration speaks specifically to me, I get scared sometimes if she really knows me and my secrets 😒😒😒.. But in all she’s great. 
The best way to stop your bad behaviour is to take in more words from the Bible, more private time with the Lord will change you..

Before I forget, grab your copy of her new book, really a great inspirational book by Joyce Meyer. 

Saturday mood!