God Is Love

Apart from His unconditional love for us, God is also holy and righteous if He did not lovingly and tenderly correct us, none of us could survive before his awesome perfection. Yet our God has cgiseb to give us his undeserved mercy and kindness as He correct us and molds us to be more like Him.

Yes am not perfect, but with my Father’s love and kindness through His son Jesus Christ, am in a gradual process and will not give up because He accepts me the way I am. 


Love Your Enemies (Mathew 5:44)

When we harbour wickedness in our hearts, there are all sorts of “fronts” we have to keep up so peooe won’t know the truth about us. But if righteousness is our aim, we’ll try to live up to that goal with honesty. When we show it, we’ll be honest and ask for forgiveness, learning from our mistakes. We won’t put up a facade. We know that even though we are flawed, God is not through working on us yet! 

I know some readers will be kinda confused why we should love out enemies. Those who have despise us, caused us, destroyed our homes and all. But before you take your mind there, think of what Jesus will do. We are all sinners in the eyes of God, yet He forgives us. Be motivated today to call that person you mad at and tell him or her that you forgive them. Pray for their happiness and trust me you will see a difference in your life. 

NB: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. (Mathew 5:44)

Be Helpful To The Needy (1 John 3:17)

I love the Bible because it is so gritty with the don’t of real life situations. John told his churches that they should be willing to lay down their lives for each other. That’s pretty good in theory, especially when you don’t think it will ever be necessary. But this verse makes the application of that principle an everyday reality. 

Is there somebody in your church or neighborhood in need, then be moved to help them, that’s what laying down your life is all about. 

N:B- Another favourite thing I love about Jesus is what he said in one of His teachings. “Love your neighbour as yourselves”.

Prayer For The Day

Almighty God, why you should love us to much, I can’t comprehend. We have rejected you, spurned you, ignored you, blasphemed you, and sought to place you on the periphery of our lives. Yet time and again, you are there to hear my cries and save us from ourselves. 

Forgive me, father, for not reverencing you more, forgive me for not recognizing the greatness of Jesus and the utter huikity it took for Him to sacrifice himself for me. Thank you my father! thank you for being patient, sacrificial, and long suffering. 


Life Is More Than Food, And The Body More Than Clothes (Luke 12:23)

In the rush of the holiday season and the grab at getting and giving gifts, it’s very important to remember that life is much more than ever the mist basic things we think we need. If we lose sight of God, His work and His will in our lives, then what do we have?  Not much and it won’t last long. 

My prayer for you, and for me, during this holiday season is that we are reminded of what is most important, most valuable and the most enduring. 

He Is The Image Of The Invisible God, The First Born Of All Creation ( Colossians 1:15)

If we had been alive when Jesus walked in the carpentry shop in Nazareth or walked along the sea of Galilee near Capernaum, we could have said, “There goes God”, and been right. 

The amazing reality of Jesus is that He was God among us. Mathew calls him Immanuel, “God with us”. In Collossians 1, Paul pours out every superlative he can use to describe Jesus preeminence over everything and everyone. He is God with a human face. He is the ruler, the transcendent one, who reigns  above all creation. He is also our saviour and our sacrifice. 

He that has done all this for us, we should know we don’t need to fret or worry. His death gave us life and hope.

 Be motivated and free!!!!

It Is Not Good To Have Zeal Without Knowledge (Proverbs 19:2)

Before I start, what is zeal? 

According to Google feedback, Zeal is great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.

Maybe one of the most important things we can do to grow in spiritual maturity is to find the right things to get passionate about. We can get riled up about some of  the most inconsequential issues. 

We can get wildly passionate about everything from sports to chocolate pie. But zeal, passion for an issue, must be achieved to spiritual wisdom and understanding. We can get worked up over something and completely miss the will of the Lord because we we’re blinded by our own passions. While I want zealous people around me, I want then to be zealous for God’s things and for the kingdom issues. 

When you have zealous people around you, you feel the positive vibes, motivation and energy to move forward.  Let us today cloud our surroundings with zealous people. 

Expressing Vs Impressing: Repost

By: Anabel Geneta-Raymundo

This article is sponsored and repost from one of the greatest inspirational writer of our time Anabel. Thank you for your continious contribution to change in humanity. 

The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved: Loved for ourselves, or rather, Loved in spite of ourselves.-Victor Hugo

Perhaps you have heard a lot of deliberations about this issue-a topic which might throw you for a loop.

Overwhelmed by the increasing attention I got so far, I would like to retell my purpose why I have started my blog which some of you might have already read.

Honestly, I had been the type of person who cared much about others’ opinions and attentions. When I was younger, I would study hard to get high grades just to gratify my parents’ persistent wishes.

Growing up, I learned that to be loved and accepted, one must live up to the standards of the world. This may involve compromising your individuality -your sense of self.

Needless to say, the continuous pursuit for recognition and approval was annoying. So finally I had enough of that practice and I started to change my mindset toward things.

I write not impress but to express.

If it works to me then definitely it will work to thousands out there who struggle expressing themselves.

Basically, when you try to impress, your actions and speech become stifled. Every word or sentence has to be likable to those persons you are trying to impress. When everything fails, you become disheartened and unresponsive. The truth is, if you won’t deviate from it, you will be permanently stuck in a continuous cycle of disappointments.

In contrary, when you express you are just being yourself without inhibitions. When someone discards your ideas it will be easier to accept. It doesn’t kill you anyway.

It is a fact that we differ from one another. We are all born unique-it means that we have different skills, talents, likes, dislikes, and styles-which marks us special.

What is appealing to me may not be appealing to you, the same with what is important to you may not be valuable to me. Having fewer followers, likes, and comments doesn’t make you a lesser person or writer, let’s just say that your interest may not be the interest of many.

You should not adjust to conform to the standards of this society. You have your own story to tell and they are inspiring and exceptional. Let the world see them.

Once again, I’m not trying to influence your writing style or purpose. You have your own free will to do or write whatever pleases you. Remember that no one else is in charge of your happiness, but you.

Surrender Your Will To God (Colossians 1-21:22)

So many people reject God because of the things they do not want to give up for Him. They may couch it in an intellectual argument, but quite often they do not want to surrender their will to God because it will mean giving up something they love that is in conflict with the character of God. Many evangelists know that intellectual arguments will win this kind of person to the truth. Instead, they must come to know Jesus and His sacrificial love for them before they are able to realize that God’s demand for holiness in them is because he is their ally, not their enemy. 

Back then in my life, I use to run an entertainment blog. A blog where I post a lot nudity, semi nude pictures, and promos that makes my blog rich with followers and traffic. I don’t know what God is actually planning to do with my life. One day I just thought of it and realize I had to give up this blog. It was like a source a source of income to me but I decided I had to. It took me a lot of time to think and don’t want to give it up for God to come into my life.  But one day I decided to delete the blog, I opened this blog;  motivated and free. Right now I feel so blessed and full with joy when I post on this blog knowing that is going to touch someone’s life out there,  who don’t feel inspired or motivated to move on in life and to sacrifice the life they are living now to God. 

Prayer: Holy and Almighty God, I praise you for your love and holiness. That k you for demonstrating both by sending Jesus to save me. I regret the times that I saw your desire for holiness to be too demanding or harsh. I thank you for loving me enough to not only save me in Jesus, but also to call me to a holy life under your protection and care. In Jesus name. Amen! 

Those Who Hope In You Will Never Be Disgraced ( Psalm 69:6)

What a beautiful prayer for any Christian!  In a world that is so self- absorbed, isn’t it refreshing to be reminded of the powerful impact for good and bad that we can have. 
Let’s not only be reminded of the devastating impact of our hyprocrisy and rebellion, let’s also pray that our failures will not be destructive to the kingdom’s increase nor to our brothers and sisters in Christ as they seek to serve and honour the Lord. 

Revenge (Proverbs 20:22)

Revenge is Satan’s way of destroying both the innocent and the offender. Once vengeance becomes the motivation,  the wounded party can suddenly be swept up in range and hatred. This poison spreads to everything the vengeful person touches. On earth, we can see that we will never find perfect and complete justice, no matter the “goodness” of the judicial system in place at the time. But God will not only bring justice,  He will deliver us: deliver us from the hands of the oppressor and deliver us from the poison of hatred. 

Today’s Prayer

O gracious and mighty Father, I don’t not want to sin. I know it’s rebellion against you and it breaks your heart. I do not want to sin because I know it diminishes me and makes me even more vulnerable to Satan’s attacks in the future. I don’t want to sin and bring disgrace upon your cause O Lord! 

And my Father, I don’t want to sin and be the cause of those seeking you to stumble. Please forgive my sins, but please Father, strengthen me and keep me not stumble in my time of temptation. In the name of the one who conquered twnwltation and sin, Jesus Christ I pray, Amen!!! 

Have a blessed weekend my brothers and sisters. 

Truthful Words Are Accurate

Words spoken in love can be a blessing. But truth spoken in love is redemptive. This kind of speech blesses those who bear it and matures those who speak it.

While speaking the truth in love is often not easy, it’s worth it! Look at God and see how painful it was to speak his word in love by sending Jesus. But in the process of that one sacrificial word, he has saved us and revealed his heart of grace, mercy, and love. 

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Learn To Do Right (Isaiah 1:17)

We find it easy to be incensed when wrong is done to a friend. We are ready to fight injustice when someone we love has seen wronged. 

However, God reminds us that our worship means little if we do not also protect those who are weak, marginalized, oppressed, and forgotten.  It’s not just our friends who need our help;  it’s also those who have no friends, who needs us. To do right doesn’t just mean being a good person and avoiding evil in our sanctified little enclaves, it all means to care, comfort, and encourage those no one else wants to notice.