God First, God Always!

Hey guys!

I will appreciate if I have your deepest attention on this post. It is what most of us go through eveyday as we try to get closer to God. Please read through, digest it, and share.

I only realized to record my awareness of this last night, but I feel closer to God when I vocally/verbally say my prayers rather than saying them in mind. Are you the same way? Every now and then I have a hard time mindfully praying especially in the early morning and night before sleeping. It’s because many other thoughts will compete with what I’m trying to tell God and I will not be successful at actually finishing the prayer. Instead I’ll either drift off to sleep or not sleep at all because I have these other random thoughts not properly dealt with. If I pay attention to those thoughts, my focus will not be on Him 100%. Anyway, I was laying in bed mindfully talking to God and all of a sudden doubt welled up in me. Maybe because I was laying down and not sitting up so I wasn’t completely in humility mode. If anyone here sends me prayer requests, I will usually type it up because it’s how I show that I really care and that I actually did pray for you. Typing it up comes more naturally to me than literally saying it because I’ve journaled my prayers for so long. Verbalizing/vocalizing them is something I’m getting better at. But for my friends who need help connecting with God on a deeper level, try literally saying them if you’ve never made it a habit, and always begin with praise and worship, then thanks, and confession, and lastly bring up your requests and all other desires…ACTS – Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication. This order will help you build a deep humility, which is perfect when you’re asking the LORD for anything, you’ll have more peace, hope, and faith that He heard you and that your prayers will be answered. 💗🙏🏼


Also if you want to give your life to Christ, say this after me: Lord Jesus, I thank you for the gift of salvation and grace. I believe truly you came to die for my sins. Today, I make you my Lord and personal saviour in Jesus name. Amen!