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From Fear to Motivation: 22 Radical Thoughts

You can start right here, right now. I will start all over with you too. First change the thoughts, then watch the actions follow suit.

1. Get vigilant. End the passive cycles.
2. Be awake at the wheel of your life.
3. Fight complacence. Fight it hard.
4. Reject boredom at the door. Never let it in. Not for a second.
5. Be madly in love with your life.
6. Be madly in love with you . That’s right. Let them call it vanity or selfishness. I call it the first rule of true happiness.
7. Find your purpose. Your real true purpose. If you can’t find it right away, please for heaven’s sake,
don’t give up. It took me over two decades to find mine.
8. Find some ounce of meaning in what you do during the day. Please find a way to make this happen for you.
9. Stop sacrificing for others so much. Giving is fine. Sacrificing no!
10. Do something – anything – just for yourself. It takes knowing yourself to do something for yourself. Maybe do that first.
11. Remember to value the person you see in the mirror. It is the one person who stays with you through thick and thin, in loneliness and in the crowds, in darkness and in light. Hear me again: the only person! Make friends with yourself.
Find solitude, not emptiness, in your own company.
12. Listen to no one who dares tell you what you can or cannot do. Turn a deaf ear to naysayers. Who are they to set limits for you and judge your potential? Who are they to judge your capacity for success or your tolerance for failure?
13. Stop abusing your body with alcohol and drugs and smoking. Are you not intoxicated enough on your raw health , on your life, on your freedom to living on your terms? Do you think you are invincible against the disasters awaiting you from abuse?
14. Stop blaming the industries, your parents, your children, your teachers, or the circumstances or the culture for your troubles. They don’t care and they shouldn’t. You should. Your life is in your own hands . It always has been.
15. Choose to see only the radically positive light in your life.
16. Take a risk. Not a stupid risk. Take responsible calculated risks to find out where your limits and boundaries lie. Then up the ante. Every day.
17. Step out of the boxes of society. In fact, crush the box altogether and rebuild it. Build your own box. In your own shape. Your own dimensions. Make it your art . Let it be your brand and your identity.
18. Live your motto. Live your values — and only yours. Let others’ values be just that – their values. And let their limitations be theirs too.
19. Never be a copycat. Try authenticity. Try originality. Try being exactly who you are meant to be . What worked for the massively successful individuals may not work for you.
20. Be different but essentially, be yourself, in fact, be the best version of you .
21. Be radically uncommon – but be smart, responsible, kind, sincere and genuine at the same time. Yes, it is possible to be all of that and
massively successful to boot.
22. Be kind to yourself. This process takes time and you are worth every minute. Be kind. Believe. Don’t give up. Have patience.

Be original, Be motivated, kick fear in the head to get out of your way..

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