Your Life Is Not Defined By What You Have

Never make the mistake of defining your life by what you have in accomplishments, wealth, or others.

Check out these points to always reflect on.

  • Possessions only provide temporary happiness.
  • You can have many possessions and still lose your life.
  • Things do not give value to life, it is life that gives value to things.
  • Your value in life is not determined by your valuables.
  • Getting more money will not make you happier. “True fact”
  • Getting more things will not make you more important.
  • Never think of taking your life because of things. Having life is by far better than having things.

What can we learn from these points. How many incidents have we watched on the television, or read online about suicides. How about family fighting each other because of wealth and properties. How about people killing people for money and wealth. How many rich and wealthy men are in the hospital fighting for their lives.

We should always define life giving value to our daily lives and not the other way around.

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