Keep Your Mouth Shut

Wrong words are like fuel on a fire. The more fuel we pour on the fire, the bigger the fire grows. The only way to stop the inflammation is to remove the fuel. The only way to stop or prevent a disagreement or argument is to stop speaking. When someone insults you or hurts your feelings, we are often tempted to give a response out of our wounded pride. But it would be wiser to ignore the insult and let God deal with the person. We must give up wanting to prove that we are right and everyone else is wrong.

It’s ironic that many of our arguments are over insignificant concerns. The apostle Paul warns us about such conversations in II Timothy 2:23-24. In this passage, it indicates things that are unimportant and make no difference when considered with things that are really important.

The verse is simply saying, stay out of conversation that has no positive effect, where no one knows what they are talking about and everybody is arguing over nothing. So often our pride keeps us arguing over things that make no difference to anybody. A proud heart refuses to be quiet because pride demands that I have my say- I must have the last word.

When someone insults you or hurt your feelings, pride tempts us to give a response out of wounded emotions. But I would rather live in peace than get my own way all the time.

Wouldn’t you?

Photo credit: Pinterest

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