True Story: You Can Do It!

Submitted by Julie

Growing up i remembered my weekly “career” announcements. Anchor woman, flight attendant and teacher, among many, many others.

Each week i heard ” you can do that. You will be good at that”.
That was my mom and dad.

Throughout life, i learned that not everyone believed in me the way my mom and dad believed in me. It was during those times i would hear those words the loudest. I dug deep and gain success.
I have 2 children of my own now and i echo those words of encouragement to them everyday. I often tell my nieces and nephews, as well as my co-workers that same message.

These words will be passed along from generation to generation, as i listen to other family members tell their children and even my boys telling that to each other.
Most often when we think of what passes from one generation to the next it consists of artifacts and genes.
I will pass these words on and i know they will carry on for each generation to come.

After all ” I CAN do that!”

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