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Question: What Is The Purpose Of Life? The Powerful Answer That Set Us Free

This beautiful inspiring piece was originally written in follow the light within blog.

Good morning guys, trust your weekend was awesome. Great 👍 Good to start the week with a small push of motivation about purpose.

Back to the main reason we here today.
This for me was the million dollar question. Sometimes we all just seem to aimlessly roam the earth with no purpose. There seems to be constant war, pain, and disappointment. It’s easy to fall into anxiety and depression. I know it is for me. Do we all just work all our lives to gain social security and then die? Do we purely come to just fight for survival then die? Do I really consider that purpose?

These are the questions I had. I asked them with tears in my eyes as I began to meditate. This was actually one of the first questions I asked God. but set me free all the same.

But before I give you the answer I received, I would like to say a prayer. I take my teachings and knowledge to others very serious. What you tell and teach others can be life changing, and I hold much responsibility in my hands to give my best.

Dear God,

I don’t teach to change anyones religion or personal beliefs, but to lead them to you in thire own way and time. I’m only here to enlighten them with new information that inspired me, and then let thire hearts lead the way to you. I want you to enter thire hearts and lead them to you the way you see fit. Please allow me to give them accurate information and keep my heart pure with only the best intentions. To God be all the glory!


Okay, so here we go! This is the answer I received.

Purpose? Why do you feel like you need a definite “purpose”. Existence itself is the main purpose. Why can’t existence itself feel like purpose? Why do you feel like you shouldn’t exist? Stop and smell the flowers. Enjoy the breath of life! Take note from the animals. They don’t fret and panic to find purpose. They simply live and let nature run it’s course.

The flowers just bask in the sun and enjoy the glory.
That’s how I intended life to be for all my creation, big and small. But, if you really feel like you badly need to serve a “purpose”, my purpose for humankind was to follow your heart. If you allowed nature to run it’s course, you would do what you enjoy. You like to call them hobbies. But originally they weren’t supposed to be just hobbies, but opportunities to do what you love. To do the things that makes your heart sing everyday that you wake up. I gave everyone gifts and talents for a reason! Go ahead and be an artist if you love to paint. Or be an author or film maker if you were blessed with an big and colorful imagination! Do arts and crafts if you enjoy creating things ! The list is limitless! You were supposed to let your passions and gifts flourish!

But, all of that was ruined by greed and corruption. You put your gifts and passions aside to work a 9 to 5 and called your true purpose a hobby! Now you work only for the sole purpose to make money- not to contribute your gifts and enjoy life. As long as the system of greed stands, you will always be a slave to the system you built! I definitely did not build this system you live! You can make a change by simply supporting the small guy who possess love and talent for what he/ she does. Support each other’s dreams and the chains would be released a little at a time!

And don’t forget family and friends. Life is nothing without those you love to share it with! Your sole purpose is to love and be loved.

The purpose of life was to be surrounded by love of all sorts and kind. You are an extention of me, and I an extension of you. And we are made of love and passion in its purest form.

That was the answer I received!

Now you can take that answer and apply it to your life the way you see fit! And if you don’t agree with the answer, allow it to make you stand strong in your truth and let God lead you were you are supposed to go!

After reading this article, I felt a push and positive mindset about my purpose. To do what I love and as much as possible be with people I love and relate with.

I hope this article also gives you that positive aura on your purpose in life.

Have a blessed day guys.


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