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The Way To More Inspiration, Intuition And Creativity

This was first revealed in the daily positive.

There is a place where all your inspiration, intuition and creativity exists.

It’s the ONLY place you can tap into it.

That place is called the present moment.

If you’re not here now, in the present moment, where are you?

Our minds wander all over the place! Into the past and into the future. And while we’re off in our mind-based reality, we miss our actual life.

Inspirations come like bolts of lightning that want to connect with you, but you need to be present to receive those inspirations.

Intuition is a whisper inside that speaks to you, to guide you, but you have to be aware to notice that inner voice gently nudging you.

And creativity… in all it’s beautiful forms, is a magical energy that wants to flow to you and through you, but you need to be here in the moment to capture those creative urges.

The more mindful you are, the more you practice living in the present moment, the more inspired, intuitive and creative you’ll be. And the more fulfilling and successful your experience of life will be.

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