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Be Good, Be Kind, Believe You Will Make It, No Matter The Challenges Ahead

Who have watched the movie Dr. Cabbie?

The movie is about an Indian Doctor graduate who traveled to Canada with his mother through his uncle to get a job and start a life. What he expected shocked him as he thought it was going to be easy to get a doctor job in Canada as soon as he landed. So he made a friend who was a cab driver who later introduced him to the cab business. Unknowing to him he thought he was the only qualified candidate amongst his colleagues until he found out that most of the cab drivers are PhD graduates. He got the job and became a cab driver.

One certain night he was chilling with his friend in the cab, when he saw a lady he first spruced at in a diner shop. But he couldn’t say anything in front of her. 😂😂😂 first time tension… So back to reality. He approached her and was surprised she was knocked up already. He was kinda 😭tho but he offered her a ride because the cloud was about to cry. On there way, her water broke in a terrible traffic. This was an opportunity for him to perform his passion and duty, he decided to put his skills into action. To cut the long story short, he delivered the baby safely. Since that incident, he became a local celebrity, from there he got his Nick name Dr. Cabbie. He started helping people who don’t have health insurance cover, money or HMO.

In a long run, challenges came knocking at the door. After helping a suicidal lady from jumping off the bridge, he prescribed a drug for her to make her rest. Instead of following the prescription instructions, she took an overdose of the drugs due to pressure from her family and went unconscious. The drugs was later traced to Dr. Cabbie. The authority stepped in and arrested the doctor during his birthday party.

After series of testifiers during trial, he won the case after a shocking fast court marriage to the lady he helped during her labor. The judge couldn’t deport him back to India. In all his punishments was to serve 500 hrs of community service for unlicensed prescription of drugs.

In all he became a doctor in Canada.

What are the moral lessons of this movie:

  • No challenges is too big
  • Don’t give up no matter what
  • Start something small even if it’s out of your career
  • Always be good and kind
  • Have faith and be patient
  • Every disappoint is a blessing
  • Don’t be lazy

If you have not watched this movie, I recommend you do.

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