Your Problems

Poet: Kate Summers

There are times in our lives

When we are filled with strife

When the world seems against us

And we feel anything but blessed.

But when we stop and look

Or when we read about others in a book

We soon come to realize

That our problems can paralyze.

Problems can stop us from seeing the good

We look at the world and feel so misunderstood.

We need to back up and think

about a solution and the link.

We need to focus our thoughts and energy on

a solution we can implement before the next dawn.

Taking action and doing something

Is always better than just feeling the sting.

So don’t let your problems stop you

Don’t let your problems make you feel blue

Get up and get going

You will soon find your smile showing through!


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A God- fearing phlegmatic, who is saved by Grace to also share and help those who are seeking motivation and inspiration in the activities of life and purpose.

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