Look On The Sunny Side

Why do we feel discouraged when thin aren’t going our way?

Why do we feel life is empty when sha have darkened our day?

God is still in His Heaven, He still watc o’er us with love,
We have only to accept His vast blessi given freely from above.

Why do we look on the dark side, inste finding the light?
Why do we complain when it’s raining never a word when it’s bright?
We never give thanks when things go smooth, and the pathway is clear,
It’s as easy to smile as it is to frown, an grief’s are lighter to bear.

Let us make it a rule to be cheerful, all long with a song,
Let us praise our God, for putting up w for ever so long;
He is patient and kind, none like Him c find,
Let’s give praise to His name, and put Satan behind.


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A God- fearing phlegmatic, who is saved by Grace to also share and help those who are seeking motivation and inspiration in the activities of life and purpose.

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