Repost: Do You Hate Your Job?

How much of us can sincerely say: “I love my work and I enjoy to wake up every morning because it makes me happy.”

Suit and Tie

Hard times, the age of recession makes us more materialists than we wish to be. Once upon a time, we could say that we are poor and happy, but nowadays we will say that we cannot pay bills with a hug.

Why we keep a job which we don’t like? This is kind of debt slavery. We need money to survive and it is hard to find the well-paid job and keep the smile on face. Your instinct for survival will simply forget dream job and turn into reality your wishes. If not, your bank will remind you that you must get up from the cloud and stand on the ground.

I remember back then at my former place of work. The country was in recession so everyone tried as much as possible to work hard to avoid been fired. Even when the work is so tidious and the management are not well organized we just have to work to get paid. I did a survey amongst my colleagues, to my surprise half of them don’t like the job. But what can they do.. The only means was if there was another job available but there wasn’t.

Patty Hearst was the granddaughter of rich man Randolph Hearst. She was kidnapped in February 1974, when she was 19, by an urban guerrilla group called SLA. It had happened in California. Two months later she announced that she joined this group voluntary and that her name is now Tanya. She connected with her captors and build sympathy towards them. This psychological phenomenon is called Stockholm syndrome, as a form of traumatic bonding between victim and captor. She simply started to believe in the same values as her aggressor.

Nowadays some people are captured by debt slavery. Our bosses will convince us that this work is our future, a safe shelter and only chance to survive. So, employers start to build a habit, even they have no good treatment at work. We will handle any kind of mobbing just to pay our bills. Even if you sue for a mobbing, your chances are not great, probably you will look for a new job and new bosses will not wait for you with a hug, you will be considered as the problematic employer.

A young girl can work in the kitchen and her boss chef can do sexual harassment but she will not report him because she needs money. During the time, she accepted that situation as normal and she is grateful because she is employed.

Workers became donkeys, they will approve paddles as tools of discipline. Their thinking is, that they don’t deserve better or that they are not able to find a better job.

This is an example of a situation which really happened at work. The boss was a woman, and she was kind of female dictator. She was moody and her secretary was the man. He had family and big debts. This boss had a habit to underestimate him, he was her punching bag. Once she throws on the floor about 100 files. Then she ordered him to pick up all files, and he did that. In other situation, she ordered him to carry her bag and walk behind her. He never complained in public even everybody at work knew that she is abusing him. An opposite, on the business meeting he said that his boss is so clever that she could sell ice to Eskimo.

The worst kind of problem appears when we give up. Then, we are perfect material for shape and manipulations. Patty Hearst was robbing banks, and later she was caught and she spent some time in prison. Captors washed her brain.

Some people think that they have no right to ask better for themselves, so they accept to be some kind of slaves. They can be so dangerous that they will snitch if the boss asks them to do it, they will report other people and play double roles. That is why friendship at the workplace is a sensitive area. You never know what kind of snake you are sharing your office.

If you hate your job, you have a few choices:

Try to squeeze teeth until the retirement and handle all with a smile.

Try to find a new job, so you will maybe go to the expert exam or additional education.

Try to find a rich husband or wife to help you with your choice, to do what you like.

Try to make money with your hobby, and have on your mind that only rarely make a success with this.

Even if you make a success and if you are promoted, have this on your mind:

Say goodbye to your free time onweekends, you might work overtime and maybe your cell phone will ring all day.

You will have problems with insomnia and digestion, cause a big responsibility asks good nerves.

Your private life will suffer, maybe your spouse will not have understanding for your absence.

If you are a good example of a person who can handle a job and a private life in a healthy balance, write here how you do it…

Inspired and credit to Kristinagallo

Credit Image: Google


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