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Discussion: How’s Your Day Going???

Showers of Blessings since morning. God you too much!! You know when we perfectly plan our Saturday and just believe yea I can’t wait to get to that party, or to the beach, or to visit a friend. Well God got His own plan, and that plan is RAIN.


I was suppose to go for my academy lecture today by 7a.m. unfortunately when I woke up around to 6, the rain had already started compiled with heavy breeze. Humbly I did my morning prayers, brushed my teeth, and comfortably went back to bed thinking it will stop soon.

It didn’t…

It later stopped raining around 11. This God is so wonderful. If I was the sturbborn kind of person, I would have gone under the rain. But I don’t mess with God’s plan for the day. How am I sure if I had gone out something might happen to me, or the rain protected someone from traveling, or prevented an accident from happening etc.. That is why been spiritually sound is really necessary to know the Indepth of some of our daily activities.

To cut the story short, electricity went off since morning. It happens whenever there is rain, or heavy breeze. Now am so bored, my phone is about to die, I missed watching today’s matches. But in all I give thanks because am about going for round two with my bed. 😴😴😴😴

So far for my day!!!

How’s your weekend going???

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