Uncomfortable Feelings That Actually Indicate You’re On The Right Path

Discomfort is what happens when we are on the precipice of change. Unfortunately, we often confuse it for unhappiness, and cope with the latter while running from the former. It usually takes a bit of discomfort to break through to a new understanding, to release a limiting belief, to motivate ourselves to create real change. Discomfort is a signal, one that is often very helpful. Here are a few (less than desirable) feelings that may indicate you’re on the right path after all- Brianna Weist

1. Feeling as though you are reliving your childhood struggles. You find that you’re seeing issues you struggled with as a kid reappear in your adult life, and while on the surface this may seem like a matter of not having overcome them, it really means you are becoming conscious of why you think and feel, so you can change it.

2. Feeling “lost,” or directionless. Feeling lost is actually a sign you’re becoming more present in your life – you’re living less within the narratives and ideas that you premeditated, and more in the moment at hand. Until you’re used to this, it will feel as though you’re off track (you aren’t).

3. “Left brain” fogginess. When you’re utilizing the right hemisphere more often (you’re becoming more intuitive, you’re dealing with emotions, you’re creating) sometimes it can seem as though “left brain” functions leave you feeling fuzzy. Things like focusing, organizing, remembering small details suddenly become difficult.

4. Having random influxes of irrational anger or sadness that intensify until you can’t ignore them anymore. When emotions erupt it’s usually because they’re “coming up” to be recognized, and our job is to learn to stop grappling with them or resisting them, and to simply become fully conscious of them (after that, we control them, not the opposite way around).

5. Experiencing unpredictable and scattered sleeping patterns. You’ll need to sleep a lot more or a lot less, you’ll wake up in the middle of the night because you can’t stop thinking about something, you find yourself full of energy or completely exhausted, and with little in-between.

6. A life-changing event is taking place, or just has. You suddenly having to move, getting divorced, losing a job, having a car break down, etc.

7. Having an intense need to be alone.
You’re suddenly disenchanted with the idea of spending every weekend out socializing, and other people’s problems are draining you more than they are intriguing you. This means you’re re-calibrating.

8. Intense, vivid dreaming that you almost always remember in detail. If dreams are how your subconscious mind communicates with you (or projects an image of your experience) then yours is definitely trying to say something. You’re having dreams at an intensity that you’ve never experienced before.

9. Downsizing your friend group; feeling more and more uncomfortable around negative people. The thing about negative people is that they rarely realize they are negative, and because you feel uncomfortable saying anything (and you’re even more uncomfortable keeping that in your life) you’re ghosting a bit on old friends.

10. Feeling like the dreams you had for your life are collapsing. What you do not realize at this moment is that it is making way for a reality better than you could have thought of, one that’s more aligned with who you are, not who you thought you would be.

11. Feeling as though your worst enemy are your thoughts. You’re beginning to realize that your thoughts do create your experience, and it’s often not until we’re pushed to our wit’s end that we even try to take control of them – and that’s when we realize that we were in control all along.

12. Feeling unsure of who you really are.
Your past illusions about who you ‘should’ be are dissolving. You feel unsure because it is uncertain! You’re in the process of evolving, and we don’t become uncertain when we change for the worse (we become angry and closed off). In other words: if what you’re experiencing is insecurity or uncertainty, it’s usually going to lead to something better.

13. Recognizing how far you still have to go. When you realize this, it’s because you can also see where you’re headed, it means you finally know where and who you want to be.

14. “Knowing” things you don’t want to know. Such as what someone is really feeling, or that a relationship isn’t going to last, or that you won’t be at your job much longer. A lot of “irrational” anxiety comes from subconsciously sensing something, yet not taking it seriously because it isn’t logical.

15. Having a radically intense desire to speak up for yourself. Becoming angry with how much you’ve let yourself be walked on, or how much you’ve let other people’s voices get into your head is a sign that you’re finally ready to stop listening, and love yourself by respecting yourself first.

16. Realizing you are the only person responsible for your life, and your happiness. This kind of emotional autonomy is terrifying, because it means that if you mess up, it’s all on you. At the same time, realizing it is the only way to be truly free. The risk is worth the reward on this one, always.

17 Ideas You’re Protecting About Your Life That Are Only Swaying You Back

1. If you work hard enough, success is a guarantee. Most people are rarely “successful” in the way they first set out to be. Rather than work toward an end-goal, work toward liking the process of getting there. Whether success is a product of chance or fate, all you can control is how much work you put in (not exactly what comes out).

2. Wanting something badly enough qualifies you to have it. Nobody ever got anything from just wanting it badly enough. You have to want it badly enough to sacrifice, and to work hard, become qualified, keep your head up through tons of rejection and doubt, and then rinse/repeat for as long as it takes.

3. You’ll be the exception to everything, so you don’t have to wear sunscreen or save money, or worry about your retirement plan or treat people respectfully, because your circumstances are just different than everyone else’s.

4. You’re a celebrity in your own mind – everyone is watching you, and judging your choices. The “spotlight complex” is undoubtedly linked to social media, but regardless, nobody is thinking about you the way you are thinking about you, nor nearly as much. Nobody cares if you wear an unflattering shirt out to the pharmacy. Nobody really cares what you do with your life, so stop making choices as though they do.

5. If you’re doing something right, results will be instantaneous. If you’re doing something right, the results will take a very long time to build up and produce an outcome you’re happy with.

6. “Busyness” is a good thing. Being busy is what happens when people are ill-equipped to manage their stress. People who actually have a lot to do just focus on getting it done, simply because they don’t have another choice.

7. There’s a “right time” to create. Or get married, or have a child, or start pursuing the life you feel called to. If you’re looking for an excuse as to why it’s not the right time, you’ll always find one.

8. Adulthood is “hard.” There are lots of things that are challenging and heartbreaking and trying in a life, but learning how to perform basic functions is not one of them.

9. Your purpose is something existentially profound. Your purpose is just to be here, and to do whatever job you find yourself doing. You don’t have to be consciously changing the world to fulfill it.

10. Everybody can have a job they love if they work hard enough. Everybody can find a way to enjoy their job – regardless of the inevitable challenges that come with any job – but nobody is entitled to do work that happens to fit precisely within their realm of interest and comfort.

11. You’re not responsible for that which you do unintentionally. Accidentally hurting someone’s feelings doesn’t really hurt them; time you don’t realize wasting isn’t wasted; money spent on “necessities” isn’t money spent. Essentially, if you aren’t conscious of the repercussions of something, they don’t count.

12. Your life partner is responsible for making you feel one very specific way. And you use that singular feeling to determine whether or not your relationship is “good,” or worthwhile.

13. To accept something, you must be happy about it, or at least okay with it. You can accept your circumstances (acknowledge they are real) while still disliking them strongly. You don’t have to like everything, but if you want to preserve your sanity, you have to accept whatever comes into your life before you can change it.

14. People are ruminating on the embarrassing stuff you did five years ago. They’re busy ruminating on their own stuff, the same way you are. (Are you thinking about things other people did over the years to any significant degree? It’s unlikely.)

15. You must be “right” to be a valid, intelligent human being. Really the most intelligent people are more open to being wrong than anyone (that’s how they learn) but regardless, you do not need to be consistently right or exceedingly smart or stunningly beautiful or anything else to be worthwhile, and lovable.

16. You are your struggles. You say “I am an anxious person,” rather than “I sometimes feel anxiety.” You identify with your problems, which is likely a huge reason why you can’t overcome them.

17. You can only be as happy as your circumstances allow. You will only be as happy as you choose to focus on what’s positive, reconcile and problem-solve what’s negative, build the relationships that matter, validate yourself, and develop your mindset. You cannot choose a feeling, but you can always choose what you think about. Rejecting the idea that you can do so is to submit and doom yourself to a life in which you are never truly happy at all.

Be That Person

Be that person who encourages rather than criticizes
Be that person who helps rather than turns away
Be that person who celebrates others success rather than being jealous
Be that person who has a positive attitude rather than being negative
Be that person who takes action rather than complaining
Be that person who admits mistakes rather than blaming others
Be that person who is enthusiastic rather than being apathetic
Be that person who finds solutions rather than focusing on problems
Be that person who forgives rather than being bitter
Be that person who will take a risk rather than wondering “what if”
You see your life will be measure by that person you have been!

35 Questions To Assist You In Finding Your Purpose

The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good.



1. What motivates or inspires you?

2. What do you do well naturally and effortlessly?

3. What is the one thing that you do that you always get positive feedback on?

4. What’s the one thing that’s missing in your current life and career?

5. Do you feel like what you’re doing right now is making you happy or bringing you closer to happiness?

6. If you didn’t have to worry about money, what would you really be doing?

7. What did you want to be when you were a kid? What was your childhood dream?

8. Who is your role model or who do you look up to when it comes to living a passionate or purposeful life? And what are they doing differently?

9. What do you want to be remembered for? What’s the message you want to leave behind?

10. What activities do you do that make you unaware of time and bring out the best in you?

11. What is the one thing that you won’t get tired of doing every day?

12. What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

13. Is fear the only thing holding you back from finding or living your calling?

14. How supportive are the people around you when it comes to living your passion?
15. Are you listening too much to them and ignoring your gut?

16. Do you believe you have what it takes to follow your passion?

17. If not, what are the tools you need to make you believe in yourself?

18. What is preventing you from following or finding you calling?

19. Are you confusing your job with your purpose?

20. What doesn’t feel like work to you?

21. What do people tell you you’re
exceptional at?

22. What talent do you possess that you know sets you apart from everyone else?

23. Would you be able to downsize your expenses and lifestyle so you can truly do what you love?

24. Do you have friends or mentors who are living their calling? How did they do it?

25. Are you saying yes to opportunities and activities that you truly enjoy?

26. Are you connecting with people who are passionate about the same things you’re passionate about?

27. Are you reading books on how to make them happen?

28. Are you actively trying to research how to get started?

29. If you were to quit your job and follow you passion, do you have enough savings to survive for a few months?

30. If not, how can you save up more so you can focus on living your passion?

31. Are you asking for advice or guidance?

32. Are you working on improving your skills or talents so you can stand out?

33. Are you mentally prepared to face rejections or setbacks until you make it happen?

34. Are you willing to ignore the naysayers and be your own source of motivation and encouragement?

35. What’s the worst that could happen if you actually started living our passion?

We Try To Fix People So We Can Fix Ourselves

Some people dedicate their time to helping others; helping friends, family, significant others and even strangers. They’re called
‘fixers’ or ‘rescuers’ because they selflessly extend themselves to help others often neglecting their own needs.


They don’t like to ask for help even when they desperately need it because they think this takes away from their credibility as the
helper or the fixer , because when the person who helps you needs help it becomes an ordeal.

But the truth is those who are trying to help or heal others are really trying to heal themselves and their wounds. They’re starving for that kind of help, love and attention they give others and the only way to satiate their hunger is to offer what they’re lacking to someone else.

They give the love they’re looking for, they give the help they need, they try to heal in others what they can’t heal within themselves and they try to rescue others so they can rescue themselves.

I’m not saying that some people are not meant to help and heal others; in fact, some people are born to do just that, but I’m saying that often those who get stuck in this role are really struggling in their own lives, battling their own demons and insecurities. Their only way out of the darkness and into the light becomes giving others the peace of mind and happiness they can’t find within themselves.

And this is the irony of fixers, they can fix anything and anyone but they can’t fix themselves.

They think they’re on a mission to fix people while they remain damaged and they think that by healing others, over time, they can heal themselves too, but the problem is that they do not acknowledge that they sometimes need help, that they sometimes need to stop helping others and focus on themselves.

They don’t realize that sometimes the rescuer needs to be rescued.

It’s a beautiful paradox that to numb our own pain we try to take away the pain of others, to silence our minds we consume ourselves with the problems of others and to heal our own hearts we try to ease those whose hearts have been broken.

But I think that this is what living the good life is all about; saving people from the lessons we had to learn the hard away, we want to rescue people because we know how it feels to drown, we want to heal people because we know what it’s like to have a broken heart and we want to help people because we know how hopeless life can be when you need help and no one is there to help you.

But the good side of rescuing others is that eventually you become one with them and you unknowingly rescue yourself too.

Battle For Supremacy

Uefa champions league

Football fans around the world are all on alert for battle of supremacy “Uefa Champions League Final” yagaaaa!!!

So am a Barcelona fan but following Liverpool today.

Who are you vouching for to win the mother of football tournament today?

Drop your comments, let’s guage the points… 😁😁😁

It Don’t Take Long

It don’t take long to listen to another fellow’s grief,
It don’t take long to sympathize and help him find relief;
You will make his life much happier to give him this boost,
And your soul will be contented when you come home to roost.
It don’t take long to smile and say a pleasant “How are you”?
It means so much when someone feels down-hearted, sad and blue;
‘Twill make the day turn sunny on a very rainy day,
And you will feel much happier, as you go on your way.

It don’t take long to sit a while when someone’s sick in bed,
A cheery word will often soothe a tired, aching head;
And they will think you quite a guy, and find the day is bright,
So sit a while, and chat a while, your heart will glow with light.

The Warfare of Peace When Feeling Depressed And Scared

Punchline: The devil cannot handle believers who know how to “hold their peace”.


When trouble comes, our first temptation is to get upset, speak out of our emotions, and start trying first one thing and then the other in the hopes of finding something that will work and turn the situation around. All of these are unacceptable behaviour for the believer who is walking in faith. Nine of them will bring victory. Jesus gave us peace. It is our inheritance. The devil regularly attempts to steal it, but peace is ours, and we must hold on to it. (See: Exodus 14:14).

As believers, we are seated in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. (Ephesians 2:6). The word seated refers to rest, and the words rest and leave are equivalent to one another.

The book of Hebrews teaches us to enter the rest of God and cease from the weariness and pain of human labour. (See Hebrews 4:3, 10-11) This peace is available to us and as been since Jesus Christ came, died for us, was resurrected from the dead, and ascended on high.

Once upon a time in my life, the devil played his mind game, throwing different negative thoughts in my mind, like: Will I be good enough married, how will I foot the bills for my wedding, how will I get a bigger space to raise a family, will I still have a job since am a contract staff, fear of the unknown now kicked in, everything became Bla bla bla!!! At some point I got knocked down and fell to his mind games. One day I tuned in to Daystar television, Joyce Meyer was ministering ,and the topic was peace. It’s like God took me to that channel deliberately. From there on, I regained my strength and thank God am in a process. I kept on saying “Greater Is He that’s in me, than he that is in the world” I went all scriptural in my declaring. I don’t have to feel condemned, I don’t have to be afraid because Christ lives in me. I will not worry over what tomorrow brings, because I trust the Lord for securing my future and whatever plans I make, He’s always there to see me through. Fear of the unknown is very dangerous to our health. It can make one sick, or commit suicide if not careful. The peace of God is very essential and needed in our life to put our trust in Him, and be joyful.

Peace is available, but we are encouraged to enter it. We enter the peace of God by believing His word and by trusting in Him instead of in ourselves or someone else.

We benefit when we defeat the devil, but Jesus also benefits. It gives Him glory when we operate according to His word. He is able to bless us with our inheritance in Him. Talking about the promises of God is encouraging, but possessing them is much better.

God’s plan is to work in our lives to bring us to the place where we can keep ourselves at rest during times of adversity. The prophet Isaiah wrote, “Fear not, for I am with you, do not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I am you God. I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you; yes, I will hold you up and retain you with My right hand of rightness and justice.

All those in strife against you, those who come at you with a spirit of contention and war, shall end up as nothing. So hold your peace. As you hold your peace, I can work because it shows that you are trusting Me.

The next time something or someone threatens to steal your peace, don’t give in. Instead, release God’s power by holding on to your inheritance and trusting that He will take care of the situation for you.

5 Simple Rules Of Happiness

1. Free your heart from hatred
2. Free your mind from worries
3. Live simply
4. Give more
5. Expect less

But has humans, it’s hard to follow these rules sometimes. Especially in the point of giving. To be a giver is not a day job or something one requires from the sleep. It’s a gift to be a giver. To give and never expect to receive, but from the heart.

Happiness is a choice is not an option but a choice…

Repost: When You Look Back, The Little Things Are Not So Little

I’m starting to believe that the big things are in the little things. Because it’s easy to show up when the whole world is expecting you to and it’s easy to be there when you’ve been taught to show up for the big and the important things.

Google pics

But it’s the little things that actually matter, the things that don’t really cross anyone’s mind unless they truly care about someone.

The things that most people forget or most people ignore, the things that people are not going to be blamed for missing and the things that differentiate someone who cares, someone who pays attention from someone who doesn’t.

It’s the text at 7 am in the morning wishing you good luck or telling you you’re strong or telling you you’re beautiful.

It’s the warm hug you get that piece you back together when you need it the most even though you didn’t ask for it.

It’s the call you get when you’re upset telling you to get ready because you’re not going to stay home alone dwelling on your misery.

It’s the ears that listen to you when you feel so lost, so misunderstood and so hopeless.
It’s the look of sympathy that makes you feel that someone shares your pain and someone understands it.

It’s the sweet comment on your post or on your picture that puts a smile on your face.

It’s the silly snap you get when you’re having a bad day and someone is trying to cheer you up.

It’s playing your favorite song over and over again and then dancing with you so you can shake all your worries off.

It’s holding your hand when you’re giving up so you can know that there is someone else to lean on.

It’s the shoulder you cry on when you don’t want anyone to see your tears.

It’s the message describing everything there is to admire about you and how much you’re loved.

It’s sitting in silence with someone who can hear it and someone who can embrace it.

It’s the tiny things, the little things and the small gestures that actually make all the difference.

Because everyone shows up when something major happens, but it’s when you’re completely alone, trying to get through another day, confused, tired of the same old story and about to fall sleep that you long for those little things.

It’s when the whole world is quiet that the little things make the loudest noise.

And sometimes all you need is noise; a sweet distraction from the piercing silence.
And sometimes in the dead of the night, the little things make you feel alive.

For it’s always the little things that mean so much more than the big things and it’s always the little things that you miss the most when you’re all alone.

Prayer For Jet Li

One thing I love when am home is to either play soccer game or watch a kungfu movie. Am a huge fan of kunfu movies and love to see my action characters in play like Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

Jet Li 55 is trending online recently about his health. I was moved to tears when I saw his recent picture that surfaced online. I screamed that is not Jet Li. He’s been suffering from a terrible sickness “hyperthyroidism”. According to his manager, Chasman confirmed that Li had been battling the condition for 10 years.

“He has hyperthyroidism that he’s been dealing with for almost 10 years. It’s nothing life-threatening and he’s dealing with it,” he said.

Fans around the world are praying for his quick recovery. I know most peeps don’t like kungfu movie nor like Jet Li as a character in a movie. But our prayers together will heal him.

It’s well!!!

10 Wrong Mindsets To Avoid That Traps You

A typical example of this subject is Moses and the Israelites. The Bible says they wandered in the desert for 40 years making an eleven day journey.


According to Joyce Meyer in one of her personal experiences with God in the past, God spoke to my heart and said, “The children of Israel spent forty years in the wilderness because they had a wilderness mentality as a wrong mindset. Like the Israelites, our wrong mindsets can keep us dealing with the same problems, never truly making any progress.

Here are 10 wrong mindsets to avoid…

  1. Everyone else is better off than I am
  2. My future is determined by my past and present
  3. It’s not my fault
  4. It’s too hard
  5. My life is so miserable- I feel sorry for myself
  6. I’m addicted to complaining
  7. Somebody do it for me
  8. I don’t deserve God’s blessings
  9. Don’t make me wait- I deserve everything immediately
  10. I’m going to do it my way or not at all.

Think This: I am unique and special. God loves me, and He has a wonderful, personalized plan for my life.

Romans 12:15; 1 Corinthians 12:12-27; Jeremiah 29:11

Pregnancy Before Marriage: Linda Ikeji

Usually I don’t write on this topic, but it caught my eye after reading an information online.

Daily Post

This is a trending topic in my environment recently. Since last year, a lot of my friends got pregnant before getting married. I was lost in thought thinking about what the Bible says about fornication. But again society got a role to play in this.

The Joy of pregnancy makes a woman enlightened. Her whole perspective about life changes for good. In some cases it’s not all rosy, some leads to abortion and so many other stuffs. But having a baby with a man that still wanna be in your life is a great feeling for both parties.

Anyways back to my discussion…

So my friends are getting married after giving birth to their first child. I know in some parts of the world it’s not a big deal for ladies to get pregnant outside marriage. But in Africa “Nigeria” it’s a konk isuue.”Please you can quote me wrong”. Like I said before it depends on the circumstances of the pregnancy if the woman wants it, the man wants it and they plan to get married. If not it won’t be good news any longer, instead a burden.

The hottest trend right now is that Linda Ikeji is pregnant.. Yipppi!!! Yea am happy for her. Linda is the top blogger in Nigeria, a role model, and humanitarian. The first blogger in Nigeria, formerly single, recently engaged, now pregnant. I must say, she got it all.

A lot of questions have been buzzing about peeps criticizing her. But what will people won’t say or do. She’s 36, she always wanna be a mum and God bless her with one. Even outside wedlock, she’s gratetful.

What am trying to say is that God’s grace is so sufficient and truly His time is the best. A lot of women are married without kids, a lot got pregnant and abandoned, a lot because of shame went for abortion, while some experience miscarriage. What can we say about this God??? He works in mysterious ways.

Am not implying or advising to get pregnant before marriage, it’s a decision if you feel you can handle it.

Congratulations Linda Ikeji..