How Was Your Weekend???

It is said: weekends don’t last!! But I enjoyed mine to the fullest.

Saturday was all round resting for me after a long night vigil. Was indoor throughout watching football matches, slept for a long while, switched to movies. I couldn’t even think of anything to post.. Just relax and sleeeeep!!!

When I walk majestically into my Fathers house

Sunday was hilarious. Firstly, service was the bomb.. It was a thanksgiving service, we all got our dancing shoes on with our traditional wears. There is nothing joyful like giving Jesus the highest praise.

Red Carpet during the reunion meeting

After that, I went for my reunion hangout. It was so good to see old colleagues school daughters and friends. It was a long night for everyone, with games, dance, Question and Answer, and many more… Of course the food section was filled with different varieties. Yummy!!!


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A God- fearing phlegmatic, who is saved by Grace to also share and help those who are seeking motivation and inspiration in the activities of life and purpose.

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