Overcoming Other People’s Opinion

How do we overcome other people’s opinion of us? When our self confidence is low we sometimes tend to believe what others think of us. Low self-confidence can hinder us from achieving all that we could achieve. It stops us from taking any risks, it stops us moving forward. We do not have the confidence in ourselves to believe otherwise. One individual who has defied others beliefs is Les Brown.

It started when he was just a baby. He was put up for adoption. Thankfully, he was adopted by a woman, Ms. Mamie Brown. She was a single parent, had limited financial resources, and little education, but she had a big heart. She adopted Les and his twin brother.

As Les was growing up he encountered difficulties in school. He was incorrectly labeled as a “slow learner”. When labels are put on children, they damage a child’s self-esteem. Labels are one way that can take a person’s confidence down. I don’t care who you are we all have areas where we are weak and where we are strong. And if everyone of our weaknesses were labeled it could have an effect on our success in life. However, Les was persistent and determined. He refused to believe what others believe his abilities to be. He had big dreams. He had no formal education beyond high school, yet he had determination and was very persistent. He furthered his education by self-education. He had a passion to learn, to understand the human potential. When you have a passion for something it is amazing what you can achieve!

Today he is a very successful professional speaker and author. Growing up his self esteem and confidence were low. It took him many years to realize his potential . He had to fight within himself to get rid of those negative comments. He had to change his belief system from what he was being told.

An Inspiration For Us All
Les is an example of someone who has overcome others peoples belief. He refused to believe that he could not achieve what he set out to do. When listening to his videos and tapes, he portrays confidence. He tells his story and how he overcame the challenges in his life. Listening to him speak, and listening to his laugh, which is certainly an infectious laugh, he is very motivating and inspiring.

Remember the wisdom said by Les Brown, “You cannot expect to achieve new goals or move beyond your present circumstances unless you change.” For those who have low self confidence, start reading about the Les Brown’s of the world. Many people have so much more potential than where they are right now. If you have a dream, then start today to move yourself towards it.

As Les Brown says, “Other people’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.” You have to push yourself forward, and when you fall get right back up again. Always be aware there will be people who will say, “I told you so”. But don’t let that stop you. Have determination and belief in yourself. And, find people who can help you – it is amazing what can happen when we surround ourselves with people who are willing to help rather than to find reasons why it can’t be done.

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