True Story: I Regret My Last Relationship Part 2 #series #continuation

Seeing his wife to be, as the goat being raped, I even thought it will be painful to him. But his reactions was very different to the Fred I used to know. He shouted “you! how did you get here? Now that you know who I am, you have to die” I started shouting Fred please! Fred please! moving close to him on my kneels, then the other guy pushed me back, slapped me again and again, saying who is Fred? I think the goat is a mad one, laughing crazily. He couldn’t get what was happening between us. So callous in mind, Fred said immediately, Go get me my gun! You can never imagine if he has seen me for once. He pretended he does not know me. But instead of the other guy to go and get his gun as instructed, he moved very close to him, whispered something into his ear. All Fred said was “fine!” after that. He left the room with that guy immediately switching off the light, they banged the door.

oh! What a pain! I never knew love can turn to even death not hatred in a moment.

I was left alone! Immediately I remembered “wolves In Sheep Clothing”

That is what my pastor use to call fake brethren. I thought he was a sheep! So Fred is a wolf! Still tied on both hands, with blood on me I knelt down cried unto God, forgive me oh Lord for my carelessness, but save me from these wolves. That was when I understood everything that my pastor use to tell us singles. I realised I was not patient at all. I didn’t allowed God to lead me, but Fred. I regretted all the steps I took.

I was left alone in that dark room for hours I cannot tell. I remembered my phone and my bag that was taken by the guy that raped me. Can I even do anything with my hands tied? I was so hopeless! I imagined if aunty Victoria can know what she put me through. She connected me to this evil man, thinking he would tutor me in the way of God. No one knows my whereabouts. Mother thought I was at Kano, likewise my Aunt. Who can save me now? I was deep in this thought when I heard foot steps again. The first thing that came to my mind was that my prayers has been answered, probably he has changed his mind to kill me. I was wrong, no one came to my door. I started hearing voices, music, sound of people having happy moments. Guessed I have been forgotten. The noise was growing bigger! I guessed it was a party. Suddenly my fear left me. Something just told me that I can excape. I stood up, thank God my blindfold has been removed, I bent to look through the door hole, I didn’t see anything. I bent again, used my chin to press the door handle, Lo and behold it opened. I peeped out, to the right, the corridor led to a big room afar off, supposed to be a sitting room, but it was having no furniture, afar off, I saw people dancing in twos and most of them carrying bottles, I guessed that was beer or hot drinks. Odour of smokings has filled the whole place. To the right of the corridor, the far end led to an opening I saw not well enough. The house was poorly lighted. I summoned courage, like Esther “if I die I die” I tip toe, moving towards the opening, although I didn’t know where the opening led too. I haven’t walked a little distance when a guy half naked, drunk I guessed, came out from another door on the corridor. I almost fainted, but surprisingly, he said “Mary! Mary! I said I’m not drunk, give me more drink now” trying to pull me to himself. Immediately I keyed into the game. I said oh! more drinks for you! Loose my hands! I turned my back on him. Immediately he bent down to loose the rope singing along with the music.. He found it so difficult, he was pulling my hands instead of him loosing the rope. I felt much pains, that was when I knew how drunk he was, but I had to manage. Luckily for me, one hand came out of the rope suddenly. I used the that hand to remove my other hand from the rope. I pulled up my skirt very well, I told the guy” go join them, let me get you more drinks, staggering to the dancing room, he left. I continued towards the opening still tip toeing. When I got there, It only led to another room, lighted though, I busted into tears, I couldn’t cry aloud. I lost hope of escape!

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Matthew:7:15

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