Repost: Read This If You Don’t Think You Can Move On #love #inspiration #Rania Naim

I know things don’t make sense to you right now. I know you’re asking yourself all the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ you can think of.

I know you’re terrified of moving on because what if it’s too soon? What if it’s a mistake? What if it’s just a bump in the road, not a dead-end? And what if you never feel this way again, what if nothing as incredible as this knocks on your door again?

But as long as your door is always open, better things will knock on it and as long as your heart is still beating, it will always find ways to fall in love again.

Because what is stopping us from moving on is the same thing that will set us free. Those who hurt us are those who can heal us once we decide to let them go. Because even though you don’t want to move on, you also don’t want to be just another memory, just another experience or just another person someone else decided not to love.
You want to be the one who dealt with it with your head up high, you want to be the one who loved himself enough to know that something better is awaiting him, you want to be the one who decided not to be defined by someone who didn’t, couldn’t love her and you want to be the one who moved on, the one who didn’t stay waiting, the one who didn’t settle and the one who cried for one night and woke up the next day smiling.

Because the truth about moving on is that it hurts too, it hurts to look back, it hurts to throw away the memories and it hurts to end something you were not ready to finish, but in life, the things that are hardest to do are the things we must do to live, to survive and to thrive.

Because while it hurts to move on, it hurts even more to hang on. It hurts when you’re afraid of losing someone who is not afraid of losing you.

But like a train, you must keep moving, you can’t stop in one station, you can’t wait for every passenger to get on board, you can’t just miss the whole ride because someone couldn’t give you what you want.

You can’t keep going in the same direction that leads to nowhere, you just have to keep moving and if they care, they will walk after you, if they don’t, you have to believe that the road is full of surprises and has a better gift for you.

You have to keep walking until you no longer see the road you left behind.



What is it?

Why is it?

Is it a desire of something wrong,
something bad?

Is it a desire of something we shouldn’t have?

Why do we desire things we shouldn’t have?

Who says we shouldn’t have it?

Who says it’s wrong,

who says it’s bad?

Don’t things we want fill a natural human/animal need?

Do we judge other animals for their needs
and desires?

Aren’t we just animals like all the rest?

Are temptations the same around the world?

Is what’s desired here desired there?

Do temptations change as time goes by?

Do societies norms evolve over time?

Does what’s bad or tempting changes as times moves by?

Human needs and desires are constant, it’s civilization that’s not.

It’s civilization that dictates what is “tempting” and “bad”.

True Story: I Regretted My Last Relationship Part 1 #Series #Top Trend

I never knew he was not a believer. We prayed together, we church together, we even fasted together. He was everything to me. When I needed money he gave me. I took him to my mum, to my greatest surprise mum loved him. Mum has never liked any of my male friends. She must have excuse for not liking them. One was too short for me, despite he was a good Christian. What an excuse. True! I am a short beautiful girl. But I loved Dave! Dave was too short for mum. A little shorter than me though. But does that really matters? All I cared about was someone that can understand me. When I raise my hand, Dave knows what I wanted. We were the most beautiful couple on campus. We did everything together. But he never touched me for sex. He was a good home trained boy that does not believe in that, naturally.

My growth spiritualy was slow but I was not an unbeliever when I men Fred. I couldn’t pray through, but he convinced me that he heard God spoke to him. He was mentoring me I thought. Put me through in so many spiritual things. He condemned so many things I use to do. I love my trousers, jean most especially. He took them away! Bought me ten beautiful colourful skirts, just in one day. I haven’t left school when I met him. Fred was a civil engineer. I met him at my aunt’s church in porthacourt when I went to see my aunt from school. Fred was a youth leader at my aunt’s church. Oh! I regretted the day I met Fred. I spent two weeks with aunty Vic. It was like a day, just because of Fred. As if my break should not end again. He took my number on that same day aunty Vic introduced me to him. We became friends that same day. Our friendship brought him to University of Ibadan where I was studying then severally. He will always lodge in an hotel when he comes around.

I was serving as a youth Corp when I decided to visit Fred without notice. I travelled down from Kano to porthacourt to see Fred on this fateful day. I got to his house around 9:05. The gate was left unlocked. I peeped and peeped, no sign of the gate man. I wanted to do a surprise visit. I entered the compound without anyone noticing me. Getting to the door, it was locked, but I was hearing sounds from inside. But not of people talking, it was not a sound I was really familiar with either. Not of pain, not of joy, but so weak. I peeped through the window I was hearing the sound from. It was so dark. I turned round the house to the other door, it was wide opened. Right in the kitchen I met a guy in a hot sex with a lady. I ran back. He left the girl, and ran after me. He got me so quickly. Slapped me, asking me who I wanted. I said “please its Fred” He dragged me along, took me inside, open a dark room, threw me on the floor, and said, good we have a new goat now! I tell you, I was breathing as if it was my last breath. He pointed a gun at me, and told me to hold my lips. He opened the wardrobe in the room, brought out rope to tie my hands to the back. He tied my face with a scarf he loosed from his head.

I was lying down almost lifeless for fear, when I noticed a wet hands pull down my skirt. I wanted to shout but I remembered the gun. I started begging him. He slapped me severally and deflowered me. I cried and cried as he was struggling to do this. After this I heard him left the room banging the door behind him.

I was still sobbing like a baby, when I head the voice of Fred coming along the corridor of the room I was put. I heard someone told him, “Scot! we have a new goat, Baba will be glad, I think she missed her road, she was looking for one Fred”

I heard the door opened, and I saw the ray of light through the scarf on my face as they switched on the room’s light. Then Fred said “why the blood” I was bleeding! “Idiot! did you rape the goat?” Fred said. I didn’t know she was a virgin! He replied. “Notwithstanding you have defiled the goat! She must not meat a man for seven days, Please throw her away! She is not useful. We shall use the old goat. She is already here for seven days.” Fred said again. I was shaking where I was lying for the revelation that Fred is a cultist.

By himself he pulled off my blindfold, just to discover his wife to be.

N:B Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father.

The story continues …