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A Lesson In Life #inspiration

Many of us who are adults have passed through many stages in our life some of which have made an impact at one point in time, and others that we fail to notice or have become too routine in our daily lives. For far too many of us, we are constantly looking for the next stimulation that can distract us from our normal life, or, at the very least, allow us to have a few moments where we dream of a much different life.

Experience Life
Part of experiencing life and what it has to offer, is often forgotten amidst the stress and turmoil that seems to be a daily diet in modern society. And, while many us know how to push these events to the background of our consciousness, many carry these burdens wherever they go whether that is out with friends, to a movie, or to a child’s recital at school.
Some people, on the other hand, devote part of their time to changing a little piece of life for the better knowing that change comes in small increments and is usually not an all at once event.

My Friend’s Experience
Such was the case of a friend of mine who laboured long hours at work but found the time to give his time and talents to a community group. This group had many projects in mind that would help others but only a few could be done at anyone time. One major project was finding the funding to help build a hospice for dying cancer patients. With the help of a lot of local businesses and fund raising events, this project was actually completed and even the land donated by a local church. My friend didn’t stop there either. The building and the services they offered to those people who were approaching death by cancer or other terminal illnesses were absolutely wonderful. A very caring staff was always on duty and volunteers were present throughout the establishment to help in any way they could.

Fate Takes A Turn No One Expected
No one, who was close to my friend, had any idea that this much needed and gracious service would ever be used by any of his family, but fate had another twist to unveil. Several years after the hospice was open, his wife was diagnosed with cancer. And, unfortunately, her condition worsened over the next several years to the point where she couldn’t be cared for any longer at home.

I think you probably know what happened next. She was admitted to a hospice for continued care and it was the very hospice that my friend and his colleagues worked so hard to ensure its services were available to those who needed it.

Small Changes
One never knows what small changes we make over time that can benefit many others. Sometimes, it is little more than a friendly gesture to help someone who is struggling at work and who goes on to achieve great things. Sometimes, it is a lending hand through being a volunteer, or a fundraiser that helps hundreds of needy families. A twist of fate can happen to any of us, and one never knows when your own good deeds come back in the most unusual ways.

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