The Message That Woke Me Up

Life is easy, change is easy, and everything is easy. If only this was true.

How often have we looked at successful people in almost any walk of life and wished we could have what they have. It seems so easy for them. Well, nothing is as easy as it seems. But, what makes the difference; what has made other people’s success look easy?

A Brick Wall

Not to long ago, I was faced with what appeared to be a brick wall. After leaving a corporate environment for greener pastures, I found that the other side wasn’t any greener, nor did there seem to be any grass at all. No matter what I attempted to do, I was invariably knocked back to square one. So, I started another business venture, again to be knocked back to square one.

I began to doubt my own confidence ; maybe I had made a fatal error. Maybe, I should go back to what I did before. At least, it seemed to be a much more secure and safer environment. As I contemplated my future, I received a message in the mail from a friend of mine who knew how I was struggling. The message read: ” persistence prevails when all else fails.”
I sat there reading that message, once, twice, three times. What did these words mean for me? Were these words just that; words, nothing more? When you’re faced with an uncertain future , when all you try seems to go nowhere, maybe there was more truth to these words than I realized.

Back Up and Re-Load

Maybe, I hadn’t found the right recipe for success. On the other hand, maybe I had given up too soon. Ever heard the expression ‘back up and re-load’. Well, if you haven’t, it meant to me that I should start again but this time internalizing the words “persistence prevails when all else fails”.

To make a long story short, I did persevere ; persistence paid off with a good dose of patience realizing that a new beginning doesn’t emerge to success overnight. After all, in my former corporate career, I had invested years of education and training to become successful. Why should it be any different when I started a new business venture?

A Secret of Success:
Failure is the incapacity to learn from your mistakes . Success is the capacity to learn, to persist, to persevere in order to reach your goal. Life can be filled with failures, but only those who don’t persevere adopt failure as the way it has to be.

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