That Is Not My Job

I got up without much enthusiasm, rolled out of bed and sat there not wanting to believe I had to go to work again.

What came to mind was that this must just be a bad dream; a dream that never seemed to end with the same old being done over and over again. I jerked my body up to a standing position and glanced slowly around back towards my comfortable and warm bed and had to use very last once of strength not to head back into its embrace.

Not A Great Start

What a struggle it was to get my shower, get dressed and head out the door. It was something like putting your finger in a door and slamming it on it because when it was over, you were left with excruciating pain.

Off I went to work arriving just in time. Then, to make matters worse, my boss said there was a rush job to do right now. Wow! How exciting. Not.

Where is Everybody?

I knew that anybody could do this job and if I waited and messed around long enough that somebody else would have to do it. But, nobody else stepped up to the job and this left me with a sinking feeling because somebody else could do it instead of me.

But since nobody did it where anybody could, that somebody had to be me.
Oh well – into each life there must be a little rain that anybody has to suffer where everybody should be made to accept what anybody else has to.
It wasn’t that I couldn’t do the job that anybody could do but it was only that I couldn’t get anybody else to do it instead of me. That’s the problem with life isn’t it? When you want somebody else to do it where anybody will do there isn’t anyone to step into the breech but you. You have to get the job done just like other aspects of life. You might want somebody to do all the hard work for you in order to change or improve your life but nobody else can do it for you. Despite the fact that you would kindly let somebody do it for you, there isn’t anybody who can.

The Dilemma Continues

Many people use up a lifetime trying to find somebody else to do the job that they would gladly relinquish to anybody foolhardy to do what they could do but won’t. The real problem is that it takes a lot of effort to find somebody who will do anything for you without you having to do anything at all.

Discomfort But Worth It

There are a lot of people who would rather let anyone tell him or her how to lead their life but the problem with this is that these people are really looking for the same thing. There is a lot of discomfort with actually taking charge of your very own life whereas it is much easier to let others do it and then
complain that it is not the life that satisfies you.

It is such a vicious circle that there is never a end in sight unless you are able and willing to grab hold of your life and accept that nobody else will ever create the life you want without it costing more than you can pay. You will lose any identity you have and even worse, you will be expected to be much the same as the person who you have allowed to mold you.

Anybody, somebody or nobody is ever going to make your life any more than you are willing to do for yourself. So, stop looking around for anybody to do something for you; instead, get your own body going and get it done now.


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