Why Is Addiction So Hard To Resist?

Am so furious right now about this. Why is it so hard to stop an addiction. It gets me angry most times, I just have to leave every to God to handle.

A friend of mine is really desperate to stop watching porn and masturbating. He’s so tired and disgusted. He tried stopping for a while and again back to it. Now he feels the Holy Spirit is not with him any longer because he feels God is tired of his situation. Going back and running back to God. He regret ever loosing his virginity, to be sexually active is like a burden . He’s getting soon later this year and his fiancee is not staying with him. The best he can do is to free the urge by watching porn.

Please I need you guys advise for my friend. I don’t want likes, I want some deep answers because it’s becoming too much to bare.


2 thoughts on “Why Is Addiction So Hard To Resist?

  1. Okay, you do not want likes, you want helpful suggestions. I do not know if this is helpful, but here goes. This person must realize that his addiction is going to cause real harm to his marriage if he does not free himself from it. You indicate that he is to be married later this year., Good, as that gives him time to work on this problem. He can in his mind work to link sex with love for his fiancé, and that love will be consummated when he is married. His fiancé should be supportive of him while he works through this, but he needs to make some serious effort here. The porn is a counterfeit that can never give true satisfaction spiritually and emotionally.
    His fiancé needs to realize that when she marries she must be sexually available to her husband, In the US, we have an epidemic of what are called “gate keepers” or gatekeeping wives who refuse sex to their husbands or make sex conditional on him doing something special for them. This idea that a husband needs to earn sex with his wife is non-Christian and is the product of twisted feminist thinking.


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