The Piety Of The 21st Century

The world about us is full of heart breaking ordeals, breathtaking advances, blinding promises, ennobling persons of influence, deafening rumors, anti-life technologies and dynamic economies. Likewise, the religious world about us is full of promises of higher places, some true, some untrue. Its full of truths and fallacies. Often times the Christian will find himself spoiled of choice, especially amidst inadequate knowledge or the right experience in matters faith.

In our Christian life, there is this Great War, this time round, not the usual controversy between good and evil, but the war between the spirit and the flesh. In the Old Testament, the history of man begins with Satan prevailing over man, and the result is a deteriorating condition of human kind. In the New Testament, history unfolds with Satan being overcome by Christ at Calvary and man being freed from evil, the chains that had for so long been his nature, and salvation is assured to all those who live the life that Christ did live, all they that believe in Him.

One thing about sin is that it separates man from God- Isaiah 59:2 . Nevertheless, God reconciled us to Himself through Christ, and now calls us to be holy – 1 Peter 1:15 ,16, and even provides the means unto holiness- 2 Peter 1:3 ,4 . It is not sin to be tempted, but to yield to temptation- Hebrews 4:15 . It’s one thing to be tempted, another thing to fall into temptation. In this spiritual versus bodily warfare, we must lean towards the spirit and flee from fleshly desires. When tempted, Christ found solace and strength in the Holy writings and in prayer.
Psalms 119:11 , 1 Thessalonians 5:17.

Segun is just a regular humble guy, who loves God, a born again, does what he could do best to help other people, just a loving fellow. But he has an addiction that drags his soul back to darkness. Every time he tries to resist the sin of the flesh, he falls. Pornography is not an easy addiction to quit on, lonely he tried as much as possible to resist this addiction for years. Whenever he stops watching it, a week or two is back at it. He wonders every time what he can do to stop this act. He detest it, and feels so cold and guilty after watching it. He kneels down to pray for forgiveness and mercy but doubt comes in, thinking God will not answer him. One day he just told God, my life is in your hands, take charge and handle me Lord Jesus. Segun gradually is moving to the light and never feels any condemnation anymore knowing that He his saved by Christ on the cross of Calvary.

What am I trying to say, it’s not only on segun’s addiction to pornography, but other addictions and sin this 21st century has created amongst us. It’s only the grace of God that we are all alive and living. We all battle one sin or the other or one addiction to the other. I am also a work in progress and know my Lord is not done with me yet. We shall overcome!!!

Let none of us think that we are immune from this particular area of temptation. There is a sinful nature in each one of us which is responsive to this manner of temptation and we need to be on our guard.

One of the reasons why Christian minsters become discredited from office and Christian marriages fall apart is because we think we are secure when we are not. And we walk naively and foolishly into a world which is saturated with sexual imagery and are imperceptibly tainted by what we see and hear.

Proverbs gives us the warning in very powerful way. It is told in the form of a father giving counsel to his son and using the vehicle of a story or parable with effective etching points.

Incidentally, one of the most effective ways of guarding against collapses into this kind of sin is when parents take their responsibility seriously. The most effective warning is from a father to his sons a mother to her daughters. Many a Christian has come through life and said, “I would never have stood up to temptations that faced me when away from home, if it hadn’t been for the example I learned from my parents and the teaching they gave in the home.”

This father begins by reminding his son that it’s not enough just to hear sermons, second he gives him a story telling him why it is people fall and thirdly he drives home the lesson with the need to make three personal applications.

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