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Repost: Motivational Mountains

From a distance, it may appear that there is only one mountain. Sometimes, the distance to the first mountain is enough of a stretch before looking beyond. Life is much the same way in that we all can see at least one mountain that’s visible.

So, what is the mountain before you? What challenges does it present? What significance does it have for your life?
Every person in every country, in every city, town, village or rural area has a mountain in their life. This mountain may take on several shapes and sizes but it is a mountain; it’s your personal mountain. This personal mountain dominates your vision; it never gets smaller but can actually grow bigger over time. The mountain of which I speak maybe abstract at this point, but I can assure you that it is there in front of you begging for your attention. You can ignore it, you can try and forget it, or you can try to disguise it but it is always present.

Appreciate this great writer Byron Pulsifer for this motivational piece.

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