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Hope For Elevation #inspiration

There are countless stories of success that we can all read. Many of these stories highlight individuals who did not falter in their quest to become successful. Success, while open to differing interpretations, means that a person is able to succeed and attain their stated goal despite facing setbacks, roadblocks, hurdles, and obstacles along the way.

However, success need not rest only with those we read about like Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, or Abraham Lincoln. There are countless stories of the everyday average person taking the bulls by the horns and moving forward in life even though many issues or circumstances may have initially stood in their way.

Take you, for example. I’m sure you have desired to do something, or accomplish something that has looked like it could only be realized in your dreams. But, dreams never get it done. Dreams are only the beginning. You may in fact be facing a career mountain right now as you read this article. Well, you’re not alone. There are thousands upon thousands of people just like you all over the world.

So, what do you do to climb the mountain, to break the barrier, and to move beyond a dream. The best dreams are those that come to fruition. How is this done?
The advice of William Arthur Ward applies to this situation wherein he said, “Begin while others are procrastinating. Work while others are wishing.”

Ward’s advice means that instead of waiting, procrastinating or putting off doing something, you do it; you take action. The greatest thief of life is procrastination. Procrastination is like sailing to that island we all know; “Someday Isle”. Someday you might get to it; someday you may be in the right position to finally take those first steps; someday when I am more secure, I’ll start my own business; or someday, when I find the right location, I’ll start my store. Guess what? Someday never comes because there are always going to be excuses you can find to avoid taking action. Every excuse means the inability or the lack of motivation to move forward. Is it because you have a fear of failure? Michelle C. Ustaszeski said, “It is sometimes hard to cross that bridge, try something new, or make that change. But once you do, you will realize that things are usually never as bad as we imagine.”

Don’t let procrastination rule your life or be the roadblock that prevents you from climbing and reaching the peak of the mountain. And, know this: you are in control of procrastination. No one else is responsible for procrastinating except you. You might like to blame circumstances or difficult economic times but, in reality, it’s just like having a flat tire – there is no good time.

Here’s another way of thinking about a dream you have yet to put into action. Just think of what may be written on your tombstone or spoken of at your eulogy. It may read something like this: A Dreamer of Dreams Not One Fulfilled. Or, words spoken at your eulogy that go like this: He was a dreamer. Oh, how he dreamed. But, sadly, he never got around to realizing any of his spectacular dreams. Oh, how sad.

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