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Why Does The Devil Hate Mankind #divinity #toppost

It is written, our main battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers.

Why do these spirit beings (satan/demons) hate God so much, being them spirits as God is, if anything they are closer to him than humans are. Why do they think they can overtake God? Don’t they realize God made them and its kind of futile to fight him. aren’t they thankful they were made by him to begin with?

Why would they even bat an eye for humans? What did we do to them? To cause their rage? What did God do?

Growing up knowing about the heavenly host and beings, I always ask a question, why is the devil mad at us humans. Why did he rebel against God who created him and other fallen angels? Thank God for growth in wisdom and also in reading and researching.

Before the creation of man, there was war in heaven between Satan and his followers against God. I read a book 3 years ago about this, am so not happy I can’t remember the title, and I gave the book out to a colleague to read but forgot it with him.. Hmmm!!! That’s by the way. In the book it was stated that Satan was so full of himself since he was the leader of the angels and second in command in heaven. He was full of pride , angry about the decision of God to create humans, the love for humanity and all. After reading some part of the book, it dawned on me that Satan wanted to taste power. “Just like what’s happening in our world today, everybody wants to lead, everyone wants to taste that power and rule with cruel intentions “. But thank God for God, and forever He will be God. I think Satan and his fallen angels were jealous of humans, for stealing the attention of their Father.

After doing my research on this, I got some positive feedback from peeps.

  • We were created in higher esteem than the angels and Satan hates us for it. His pride is so great, he’d rather reject God and spend an eternity in Hell than serve us, whom he deems inferior to him.
  • Angels are superior entities and we wouldn’t stand a chance against an angel face to face if it weren’t for Sanctifying Grace. However, it is God’s will that they serve us and God holds us as his most dearest creation. Dearer than the angels.
  • In order to love us. Satan doesn’t do love. He’ll never understand why God would offer himself for our sake.
  • «We may speak of God’s image in two ways. First, we may consider in it that in which the image chiefly consists, that is, the intellectual nature. Thus the image of God is more perfect in the angels than in man, because their intellectual nature is more perfect, as is clear from what has been said (Question [58], Article [3]; Question [79], Article [8]). Secondly, we may consider the image of God in man as regards its accidental qualities, so far as to observe in man a certain imitation of God, consisting in the fact that man proceeds from man, as God from God; and also in the fact that the whole human soul is in the whole body, as God from God; and also in the fact that the whole human soul is in the whole body, and again, in every part, as God is in regard to the whole world. In these and the like things the image of God is more perfect in man than it is in the angels. But these do not of themselves belong to the nature of the Divine image in man, unless we presuppose the first likeness, which is in the intellectual nature; otherwise even brute animals would be to God’s image. Therefore, as in their intellectual nature, the angels are more to the image of God than man is, we must grant that, absolutely speaking, the angels are more to the image of God than man is, but that in some respects man is more like to God.»
  • Satan rebelled and thought himself better than God when he learned about the Incarnation – God becoming man. Satan thought that spirit-only beings such as himself were superior to the hybrid spirit/body beings that humans (including Jesus) are. That is of course a heresy. Humans are the only creature God made in His image. We are more like God in that respect than angels – the main thing separating us from God is our fallen nature, but even that is superceded by the graces of Holy Orders that Catholic priests receive.
  • My answer here is God is more stringent with the treatment of spiritual beings. Although spiritual beings have capacity for thought and they have free-will, they are extremely powerful and intellectual beings, they have already learned everything that they need to learn, they are not bound by time thus their knowledge does not change with time; but there is only one catch, everything that they are must be approved by God.
  • That means without God’s approval and/or command, spiritual beings basically can’t do anything else. This is good for the good ones because when God is not commanding them, manifestations of their free-will are acceptable (though I’m not sure if this applies as they are not bound by time). Spiritual beings are different from non-spiritual beings, they are either good or bad from the get-go or from their creation. They cannot change what they are (or what they chose to be. I think this means that they have only once in their application of their free-will, exactly after their creation, for them to chose to remain in Sanctifying Grace or not). Humans and other non-spiritual beings have greater expanse of free-will as they have room for learning, room for errors, room for redemption, ( and perhaps room for evolution?); the devil is/became jealous of this privilege and the rest as you know, is history. This is just my current understanding and my understanding may not be correct.

This discussion is opened to everyone. Please share your thoughts.

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