Christian NBA Star Steph Curry and Wife Expecting Third Child #christianathletes #family #stephcurry

Golden State Warriors basketball star Steph Curry has announced that he and his wife, Ayesha, are expecting their third child.

“Baby No. 3 Mood right here! Thankful for @ayeshacurry every single day for being the heartbeat and spirit behind our family. Better be ready for the R&R show,” Steph wrote on Instagram along with a video of his wife and daughters celebrating the news.

Ayesha, who is a celebrity cook, also announced the pregnancy herself, posting a photo of herself wearing a shirt that said “Preggers.”

“Hey, how did this happen?!. Curry party of five. Feeling very blessed and very sick. Yippie! #curryfor3,” she said in her Instagram post.

Curry is an outspoken Christian . Last year, he said in an interview with CBN’s “The 700 Club” that he and some of his teammates formed a discipleship and Bible study group.

Ayesha and Curry met at a North Carolina church youth camp in high school, but didn’t date until college. They married when they were both 23.

“I wasn’t allowed to date in high school,” Ayesha told Parents magazine . “We always laugh that we were both focused on God.”

The couple has now been married for five years.

“Celebrating five years of marriage, love, growth and faith. Feeling like I’m on cloud nine,” Ayesha wrote in an Instagram picture of the couple on an airplane headed to France to celebrate their anniversary.

Source: Christian Headline


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