Go To Zero

When faced with a challenge, a dear friend of mine offers his wisdom to me by saying, “go to zero.” What he means is that sometimes when you focus to long on an issue you won’t find a solution. But when you step away, and then go back to the problem your mind has had a rest and it will find the answer. And what a better way to step away from your problem than to help someone else. By helping someone else you are focusing not on your own issue but on someone else’s issue. You are using your brain to find solutions to assist another. So then when you go back to your problem it will amaze you when the answer will come to you.

Everyday I learn new things that are valuable in my life. Helping other people solving their problems is actually a remedy to shun challenges. I get a lot of this when my friends are faced with challenges, I try as much as possible to give them the best advise and also hope that will definitely put a smile on their faces.

Let’s make that an habit!!!


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