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Intimacy: Satan’s Weapon Of Choice- Repost

It’s not sinning that keeps us away from Christ, it’s what we give up or don’t give up to be with Christ. One of the strongest desires in a person is the feeling and want to have intimacy. Now, I don’t mean sex, although a lot of sex is in search of intimacy. Intimacy in a relationship, where they know you better than anyone and you know them. There are hugs, and cheers and tears and joy, health and sickness, a heart which is known and can be held by the other for safe keeping.

As we move towards Christ, even Jesus said it, he was going to be the sword between family. But even worse than this, we are starting to become a target of isolation of society.

The challenge as a Christian is it seems as though we focus a lot of the things of being a Christian rather than on trying to focus on having an intimate relationship with God, with Jesus Christ. It seems as though, maybe it’s just me, but my goal in reading the Bible is not just to know God’s word, but to learn how to be a better Christian, and that is ok, but it’s not trying to find the heart of God.

I now understand why there are so many warnings in Proverbs and Psalms about be weary of the woman. Not that the woman is bad so to speak, but it is what she has to offer. It’s the touch of intimacy that is missing, one may not even know they want it or desire it, but the first touch just melts the heart and weakens the mind.

It’s funny I am writing about this, because the entire focus of Jesus Christ is to have a personal relationship with him, to love nothing greater than He, to love one another as we love ourselves. In short, to have a personal intimate relationship with us. But, I realized, I was not chasing the relationship, I thought I was by doing things, but not like I would with a person of the opposite sex. We can get to know someone so well, we can almost predict better than they what they will feel, do, or say.

I’d like to get to the point, that when something happens in my life, I can say, Jesus would say do this, say that or feel this way.

I pray, we all put ourselves aside and really focus on KNOWING our creator and in the process, I believe as we get to know him, we will find our path, his plan much easier to discover and follow.

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