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God Calmed A Child: Repost

No testimony is small. Everything we go through in life either positive or negative is a testimony. 

I consider this testimony quite powerful and builds my trust in the Lord indeed, not like I have experienced in the recent past. The last time I had a testimony of this nature was in 2011 when I had just gotten saved. This is the kind of testimony that Gideon, the mighty man of valor would have had. It sounds simple, yet very spiritually empowering to me. Here is the testimony:

I work from home and therefore I am always home. A friend of mine has a kid and a baby who is just two weeks old. Today she decided to leave campus and risk leaving me behind with the baby. I had no idea she had gone out until she came back and told me how everything went. The baby was left sleeping next to me and I recalled as she walked out, she hoped and prayed that the baby would not wake up. Her baby is notorious for waking up from sleep after a few short minutes. She rarely sleeps for more than an hour. I realized that in case the baby wakes up, then I could have a problem of calming her down since she didn’t leave any food behind. So I made a solemn prayer to the lord asking the Holy Spirit to calm the baby down and give her a sweet comfortable sleep until her mom returns. The prayer was short but mainly within the mind, barely audible.

The baby kept real calm indeed but there had been times when the baby threatened to wake up. She even cried twice in her sleep, but deep down in my heart, I asked myself, “Lord, would you let this happen?” I had a fear of the child waking up since she always cries and calming her down is far from an easy task.

Outside the window, there had been noises coming from the environment. I asked the Lord to calm the environment as well to avoid waking up the baby. So I remained hopeful in the Lord and even though there were times the baby was evidently waking up, she would gradually drift back to sleep again. My heart was pounding by then because I thought the Lord did not listen to my prayer. That is when life as a sinner flashed before my heart and mind as I believed the sinful ways I lived were responsible for the non-responsive way God was relating to me. However when the baby was just about to give her last cry out, guess what, her mom walked in! Hooray!! God had once again showed me that indeed He is Father and He listens to the prayers we make to Him. The baby even drifted back to sleep again for a few minutes after the mom had picked her up.

I build confidence in the Lord day by day, even with the investments I make, I rely on the Lord to lead the way. It is not my ingenuity or skills that make these investments work towards greater success for me, but it the Lord that holds my hands as I make these investments. Even though others do not see success, I believe the Lord has singled me out in his favor, just He singled out the Land of Goshen where Israel lived. It was free from the scourge! God’s words and promises stand forever indeed. Those that rely on Him shall be calm in heart, everything they shall touch shall be successful. Be blessed in all you do in Jesus’ mighty name.

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