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My Past Addictions

Its very hard to stop an addict. It might be pornography, masturbation, stealing, lying, drugs, and so on. 

I remember when i used to lie and steal when growing up. If anything misses in the house, am the first they call, they accuse me even when i didn’t do it. The oldest theft in the book is stealing meat from the pot. 😂😀😁😂 Oh! My God, when i remember those periods i laugh about it. From there i graduated to stealing my mums money to buy movies, clothes and many stuffs. It got bad that one day i didn’t know i was stealing her tithe money, my own was that the money was available at that spot and am enjoying it. Till one day she wanted to pay her tithe and realize it wasn’t complete. The first person she called was me, she asked i refused, lying i have nothing to do with it. Until i was beating, yes the hardest way, i told the truth that i was the one. (Whooping of bum bum is like food in my country, every child must pass that stage 😂😂).

Another thing i did was eating free meal without paying back in school. Whenever i don’t have money, i will go to thr cafteria and order for food, after ordering i will move to the payment section as if i want to pay because there a lot of student buying food. I will use that to cover my tracks, have my sit, and eat my food at peace. Still can believe i was that person. Me and my best friend still laugh about it. But the funniest thing is that it sounds very funny, but to my father upstairs its a sin. When i started realizing my sins, i really felt bad. But thank God He forgave me.

Till now i don’t know how i stopped. God is just wonderful. At this time i realize that you can’t stop alone, but only by the grace of God and divine intervention,  with self control. 

If you still experiencing an addict and you really tired of it. You want to give up but you see yourself doing it again. Guys have been there and by His grace am still in a process. If He can help stop the addiction of stealing, surely He will see you through. Also try to resist and gradually you will see the result. It is not a day thing nor weeks, nor months, but years. There are many testimonies out there that you can use to trace your path to righteousness. 

This just came to my thought on my past addiction and decided to share with you guys. Have a blessed day!!!

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