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Singer-Actress Jennifer Hudson Says the Bible Changed Her Life: ‘It Hasn’t Failed Me Yet’

Actress and singer Jennifer Hudson, 36, revealed in a recent interview that the Bible has been an important influence in her life.

Hudson was thrown into the spotlight after she became a beloved contestant on American Idol in 2004. From that point, her singing and acting career took off, but she never forgot her roots.

In the interview with The Guardian Hudson recalls growing up in Chicago and what an important role her mother played in her life. “I owe my mother everything. I wouldn’t be where I am today if she hadn’t been there to raise me right,” she said.

She also shared that she has achieved her dream career. When asked what she wanted to be growing up, she said, “I always wanted to be a singer.” One of her earliest memories even involves her pretending she was a famous singer. She said she remembers “Sitting on the steps of my mother’s home in Chicago when I was little, singing into a brush like it was a mic.”

Perhaps the most revealing answer Hudson gave in the interview was her answer to the question: “Which book changed your life?”

“The Bible,” she responded. “I’ve been reading it since I was little and it hasn’t failed me yet.”

Hudson is continuing her singing career as a coach on The Voice UK, which starts this month. She lives in Chicago with her son.

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